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The Chapter Has Ended

I graduated high school.

How weird is that? I’ve worked so hard and so long to get to this point and now that I’m here, it’s strange.

From the day you enter high school you count down to graduation. Because in the end, that’s what really matters; walking across the stage and receiving that diploma. And now here I am, in full possession of my diploma, and it all feels surreal. The chapter has ended and the next has a very uncertain beginning.

My own graduation was wonderful. I had family come to see me on my special day and the love (and several bouquets of flowers) that filled the house made everything that much better. Honestly, if I did not have a family that cares for me as much as mine does, I don’t know if I’d been able to make it to here as intact as I am. All the hard work I did during high school, all the social events I missed, all the essays I stayed up late into the night for paid off during the ceremony. I graduated with Highest Honors and an Honors Diploma, something that I am incredibly proud of. I know I deserved them because I tried my absolute best each and every day for four years. And I would not take back a single moment.

At the ceremony I was listening to our first class speaker and she said to look around at the people sitting with us. So I glanced over the other 200 students of my graduating class and I realized that these people were all celebrating this gargantuan moment with me. That not only had they shaped my high school experience, but they’d come to this point with me: the end. A place that had not felt real until that very moment.

I guess my underlying point in this post is that I’ve reached an end. And I know people say that this isn’t the end, it’s only a beginning, but I think you have respect this moment as an end. You most likely won’t be seeing these people after graduation. You won’t have the friendships you had in high school. Yes, some will last you well into the end of your life, but I probably won’t remember that one kid in my French class who I never talked to. You know?

Graduation is a beautiful time of reflection and growth. You are gazing at the last four years that have shaped you to this day and you are looking forward to the university student you are about to become. It is a beginning, but don’t forget these last four years. They have been great, and will always be a part of your life. But don’t let them determine your life.

For everyone else that graduated this week or in previous weeks or in weeks to come, appreciate this time now, because it only gets better.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Don’t forget I have another post coming out tomorrow! It’s full of my favorite HS memories!






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