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The Dating Game

Contrary to popular belief, my knowledge in the male gender is about…zero. I don’t have a boyfriend, go on dates, etc. And it’s all because I’m perfectly happy not participating in The Dating Game.

Don’t get me wrong, I think guys are great. I could go on for hours about Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien, but I won’t because it will most likely bore you. But I don’t think I need a boyfriend to be complete in life. It’s all about being confident in your own person and not needing some guy to give you that confidence.


People always ask me, “Why are you single?” and I’ve probably replied about a million times that I’d rather eat a good piece of chocolate and drink some tea than find some guy who I’m just settling for. It’s completely fine to have high standards because isn’t it more worth it to have someone who you know will make you happy than to just grab the first thing with a willy?

And I’m not saying that you should only date when you find a guy who has a high-paying job, is good looking, has a vacation home in Venice, has a great sense of humor, and will pamper you within an inch of your life. Quite contraire, I am saying to find a guy that you enjoy being around, who you know will be loyal to you, and who makes you feel important and beautiful. Because isn’t that what we all want in a boyfriend?

Getting into a relationship may seem tempting, but so did getting on the Titanic and look what happened there.

I guess the reason I haven’t dated is that I just haven’t found that one guy yet. Someone with whom conversation is so easy, it rolls off our tongues. We all want to be swept off our feet, whether we admit it or not, and I just haven’t found the guy who takes my breath away. Maybe in college I will or maybe even after college. Whenever it might be, I’m not going to halt my life in wait. I look forward to dating and getting to meet someone really great, but that time just hasn’t come yet.

cutest thing i have ever read

And once again, let me say that I do like guys! Don’t let my girl power rants confuse you, I am very much into the male gender. So much that I am possibly the most awkward person ever when I’m around them. I’m outgoing and do some pretty eccentric things and they just worse when an attractive guy is around…


So, let’s wrap this up. Dating isn’t detrimental to your happiness. Only date a guy that makes you feel special. Period. Being single is totally fine and so is dating someone. As long as you are happy, keep doing what you are doing. And right now I’m happy being me and spending time with my friends and making jokes about Harry Styles just holding out until he meets me. I’m content.

This is pretty great

Thank you for playing The Dating Game. Enter 25¢ to play again.

Have a great weekend and date or don’t date and subscribe and comment if you so please. Who am I to tell you how to live your life?

I love you all and thanks for getting me to almost 700 subscribers. WHAT?!?!

Stay classy Internet,

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