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The Enthusiasm Spreads

This post is long overdue and is something I have been meaning to write for ages. It is basically my thank you note to you all, for all you’ve done for me. And since it is a thank you note, I’m going to write it that way. Because who doesn’t love receiving thank you notes?


Dear Enthusiasts,

2 years, 11 months, and 14 days ago I decided to write my first blog post. It was basically a post saying I would be posting every week because of Post-a-Week 2011, but it was still a blog post. Today, this thing you are reading is my 407th post. That means 406 posts have passed in a little under three years, and with each post I have grown. Not just physically and emotionally, but with a community of amazing readers who have made these 407 posts happen.

I recently was writing an essay for a scholarship that asked me how blogging had influenced my life. And oddly enough, my essay was about all of you: You wonderful people who keep on coming back every week and reading and leaving me beautiful comments that make me explode inside like a firecracker (aka, my wonderful Enthusiasts). I centered my essay around how I started blogging because I needed a way to express the confusion and excess of thoughts inside my head. And here I am all these years later with almost 800 people encouraging me to be better every day.

*cue tears*

I was fifteen when I started writing. In the last entry in my journal before January 1, 2011, I wrote about how I felt excluded and unhappy with my life. Reading it back, I’ve never heard myself so low in life. November 15, 2013, I am skyrocketing off of happiness. I have almost 800 subscribers, I have a group of friends who are like the sisters I don’t have, I’ve been published by Huffington Post Teen twice, I am at the perfect university for me, my university friends and roommate are fantastic, and Michael Seater retweeted me! If you had sat me down at fifteen and told me this, I would have told you that few positive things happen to me. Stupid, naïve fifteen-year-old me.

I am currently enjoying my own invincible summer.

I’m at this point in my life where I feel invincible. I guess you could say I finally grew into myself. The peak of the mountain is where I am at and no one is bringing me down! And it is all because of those people who have taken time out of their life to read my blog posts and like, subscribe, and comment. You have literally changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.

One positive comment can make all the difference. You can receive a thousand negative comments and a single positive and the positive one is the the comment you will remember. Because having people that aren’t related to you, complete strangers, compliment you for your work is better than chocolate (I know, I thought it was impossible to.) You all are the reason that I love blogging and continue to do so every week. It’s become more than a hobby, it has become my niche.

*cue super horrendous tears that sound like a baboon giving birth*

I remember the first time I was Freshly Pressed, back in May 2011, and I read the first comment I’d received that day. The exact wording escapes me, but I do remember the flush of emotion that flooded my system. Someone I didn’t know, someone who had no reason to be nice to me for anything other than the sake of being nice, was telling me I had talent, that what I was writing was worth reading. And I remember almost crying. And I remember feeling that I was worth something in this world. And ever since then that feeling has remained in that spot in my heart, in the bottom left, where on my darkest days I visit and know that for at least one moment I was worth something to someone.

you are worth something

I might not know you personally, or I might have spent hours with you in real life, but whoever you are, you are my world. Any future husbands are going to have to deal with the fact that my true loves are hundreds of people on the Internet who have taken unhappy fifteen-year-old Morgan and made her into self-confident, over-the-moon eighteen-year-old Morgan. And if he can’t, he’s got to go. Ideally, he’d be one of the hundreds, but can’t be too picky in this economy.

So, yes, this is my letter to the hundreds. My thank you note that deserves to be written with only the best, most delicious sounding words in the dictionary, but alas, I’m only a teenager and can only aspire to that writing. I want to mail you gorgeous letters with calligraphy that you can hang on your refrigerators along with cookies made with only the finest ingredients. I want to stand on a table in the middle of a park and shout my love for you all at the top of my lungs! You changed my life and there is no proper way to thank you.

I love you all so dearly. Without you I don’t think this blog would even exist any more. That’s really how influential you are.

So, here’s to 2 years, 11 months, and 14 days. Of blog posts, of comments, and of a loving community who helped a confused girl find her true self. Here’s to a whole lot more!

Thank you for everything,


P.S. The songs for this post were “Heartbreak Girl” by 5 Seconds of Summer (because that is my jam), “Womanizer” by Britney Speakers, and “Daylight” by Matt and Kim.









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