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The Enthusiast's Desk: A Tour

Have you ever wondered what a blogger’s desk looks like?

I know you have, and that’s why I’ve decided to give you a little tour of what my desk looks like. Of course, this is more than just a blogger’s desk. It’s a writer’s desk, a student’s desk, and most importantly, an average person’s desk. My desk is kind of like my mothership. It’s where everything is and where I spend most of my time when I’m home. That’s why I keep it clutter-free, so my brain doesn’t go up in flames.

So, quickly, a little about the decor: This desk is from IKEA and I love it because of all the storage space with the drawer and cubbies. My chair is also from IKEA and I’ve had it forever and have seen it on so much TV it’s ridiculous. Love my sticky note wall? I wrote a post about it. I went with a very neutral colour scheme and it is a constantly changing look, as you can see from this old Instagram post.

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"How to Write the Perfect Reporting Piece in Less Than 48 Hours" a novel by me

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So, who wants to get the low down on The Enthusiast’s desk?


So, this is what my desk looks like normally. As you can see, we’ve got my backpack, my laptop, my planner/iPad/organization combo, my daily cup of tea, and all my pens and pencils.

One reason I love my desk is these nifty storage shelves. As you can see, they work for just about everything. On the top shelves I have all my textbooks for the term (yay Calculus!) and a wonderful candle I bought. On the bottom is where I keep my Birchbox boxes and file boxes for all my miscellaneous files and such (like my AP Stylebook).

Next we’ve got my little organization pile. We’ve got my Erin Condren Life Planner, my iPad (complete with the cute photo of me in front of the Notre Dame d’Amiens) and my glasses for aesthetic value. My planner has all of my organization and events (such as anniversaries and math midterms) and my iPad is always around for when I need to read a PDF or play a rousing round of Cooking Fever.


Ah, my cup of tea. It’s very hard for me to get through a day of school and work without a cup of tea to sip on in the morning. Plus, this great compliment mug is the perfect 8am pick-me-up. Thanks @YourGirlCurlz for your lovely gift!

This is one of the more quirky parts of my desk. Lots of personality. I’ve got all my pencils in my red phone box and all my pens and such in a white IKEA pot. My lamp (from Wal-mart) has little spots to stuff, so I have my AHA! sticky notes (great for when I have a wonderful blog post idea) and my little Buckingham Palace Guard USB sticking out, ready to protect my pens!


Inside my drawer is kind of a mess. I’ve got Command Strips in my little turquoise bowl for all my poster hanging and bag organization. In the back I have blank CDs and tape. Stapler, external hard drive, USB cloud, vanity mirror, checks, batteries, that’s all kind of a mess. Inside my white divider I have tape and other fix it tools, all of my electric cords (including my Retro Handset for my phone), my phone cases as my collection is growing, and all of my many, many sticky notes.


And that concludes my desk tour! Lots of gadgets and gizmos all for the fun of sitting at my desk for hours writing articles and doing papers. Having a desk that has it all is so important and everyone should try to make their desk space a great place to be. For inspiration, check out my Work At Home board on Pinterest.


Thanks so much for reading! See you Friday!

Stay classy, Internet,










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