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The Enthusiast's Easy One-Pot Pasta

If you live in my house, we love pasta.

From diving into a bag of Trader Joe raviolis to four boxes of penne in the pantry, Hegartys love pasta. Mostly Morgan. Morgan really loves pasta.

And now that I live on my own, I like to have pasta probably once a week as my comfort dinner when I have a rough day or don’t get until late and just want to watch TV. It’s impossible for your day to not get better when you have pasta.

Because I love pasta so much, finding new recipes and experimenting is what I do. From deciding that olive tapenade makes the perfect topping, to finding that olive oil trumps butter in every instance, finding a new recipe, or one that is better than the original, is just really exciting! And this week, after being bugged down with the flu and no bread for PB&J, I got creative with my pasta.

The internet is filled with one-pot pasta recipes, usually for a family with a normal budget, so I made a college-friendly budget one-pot pasta that serves one. Aka, what every person needs for lunch or a quick dinner. So let’s begin!

The Enthusiast’s Super Easy, One Pot, Super Cheap Pasta


You will need…

  1. Your favourite pasta (I like anything cool shaped, but it’s your call. Spaghetti, penne, shells, bowties, etc.)

  2. Your favorite pasta sauce (I buy the cheapest, but your call!)

  3. Flour

  4. Olive oil

  5. Salt

  6. A pot of boiling water and strainer

How to make it…

  1. Add a single serving of pasta (or however much you want, you do you!) to the water and cook for the recommended amount of time.

  2. When cooked, strain water from pasta, keeping cooked pasta in the pot.

  3. Add how much sauce you want to the pot (usually for 1/3 box of pasta I add 3/4 cup sauce) but don’t stir.

  4. Add flour on top of sauce. Add 1/4 cup flour for every 1 cup sauce.

  5. Add 2 tbsp of olive oil on top of flour. Adding the olive oil helps the sauce thin a little.

  6. Combine ingredients in the pot, making sure the flour is completely combined with the sauce.

  7. Add salt to taste (I love salty pasta) before adding to a bowl. Feel free to add meat or veggies too.

  8. Voilà!

And that’s the super easy, one pot, super cheap pasta that is great for eating whenever. Make in bulk for leftovers. And if you add too much flour, add a little water. But be very careful about adding more sauce, because the flour is there to make the sauce creamy and thick. Too much sauce and too little flour counteracts this.

I hope you enjoy, and please let me know your success (or failures) in the comments!


Stay classy, Internet,












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