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The Enthusiast's Winter Fashion Guide

Winter! Time of the cold, hot drinks, and lots of holiday spirit. But what’s the fun of that is you’re not dressed appropriately?

There a few tricks that separate fall and winter fashion. 1) Winter fashion has a lot more knits and coats and 2) Stick with pastels and darks. With these in mind, winter fashion can be incredibly easy. You just need a guide that lets you know how to not wear the same outfit from September to February. Winter fashion is it’s own, and should not be treated any differently.

This guide is filled with winter fashion staples that will create the perfect winter wardrobe for you this season. From knit hats to pastel sweaters, you’re going to styling.

The Winter 2015 Style Guide by The Enthusiast

Fair Isle sweaters are your best friend

Winter is the greatest time to break out your Fair Isle sweaters. Pair them with jeans and a floppy hat, or leggings and a knit beanie, for a snuggly winter look. Stick to neutral colours like grey or cream, and avoid scarves for too much activity. The more conservative the rest of your outfit is the better the entire ensemble will be. These sweaters are pieces of art, and should be treated that way.

You can wear dresses

There is this ridiculous idea that wearing a dress during the winter is taboo. But it isn’t! As long as it’s paired with the right accessories you can wear just about anything. Pairing a dress with a long sweater, tights, long socks, boots, or a scarf is a great way to make your dress work for all four seasons. Choosing a dress in a darker colour also helps it look more winter appropriate.

Go pastel

You think pastels are just for spring? Embrace lighter colours for the winter season like cream, pale pink, and baby blue. Pairing them with other lighter colours gives off a soft vibe great for this time of year. Make sure to include darker parts if wearing a pastel top and vice versa.

It’s neutral season

Winter is the only season where you can wear neutrals every day and no one will judge you. Wear all your white, grey, and black as much as you like in any combination and be the epitome of fashion. If attempting, darker pants are best (since it is after Labor Day) and doing a monochromatic look is definitely allowed.

Be merry with your clothing colour choices

While it is a time for neutrals and pastels, add some cheer to your look! Add reds and greens – and golds and silvers if you please – to give your winter wardrobe a festive twist. You can even go overboard and it won’t go wrong. Pairing a red sweater or a red dress, or a green button up over anything, looks gorgeous and pretty and makes your outfit holiday appropriate quicker than you can say, “Happy Holidays!”


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