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The Graduate (UO 2016 Edition)

I have never felt quite as famous as I did walking into my college graduation ceremony.

That’s right, this blogger has a degree!


So smart that I learned to quote Shakespeare. But it’s true, no matter your size you can always be tough!

Last Sunday I graduated from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications with a degree in Journalism – News Editorial. After three long years (yes, I only did three years of college, whoo!) of working my bum off and late nights and more chocolate and caffeine than is healthy, I did it! And it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the amazing people I have in my life who have supported me and stood alongside me. That extends from family and friends to the people who spent hours of class next to me commiserating over projects and essays. You’re the real MVPs.

For graduation day I had my parents, my brother, two sets of grandparents, and my best friend, Lex, with me, so clearly it was filled with those I love the most. Having them with me was what made this day so special. It’s rare that I have so much family surrounding me, and to have a day filled with them was just great. From a delicious pancake breakfast to battling the crowds for a picture, I wouldn’t be where I am without these people.


So fortunate to have the best family on the planet who supports me always and wears pastel.

The actual ceremony was held inside University of Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena. The Jumbo-tron had pictures of the graduates, the arena was filled with our families screaming for us, and I felt like a member of One Direction going behind the scenes before making my big entrance. I almost needed sunglasses to avoid being blinded by camera flashes.

The ceremony was like most ceremonies, except that we are the 100th class to graduate the journalism school, so we’re clearly cooler than everyone else. I sat with the people in my school who I’ve made the closest connection to and we spent three hours commenting on how surreal it was to be graduating. Last week we were fretting over our web design projects, and now we’re moving our tassels! Getting to sit with my peers who have endured much of the same journalism study, I’m so proud of how far we’ve come in such a challenging school.


Thanks for helping me survive Asbury’s class!

Afterward I had ice cream with my family and then a great dinner (and my fave, a Moscow Mule) at one of my favourite restaurants in Eugene to commemorate what a wonderful time I’ve had at this school. I am so blessed to have found a school that helped me grow into who I am now. I entered school as an awkward Anglophile who just wanted to write. I left as a confident young woman with strong beliefs in equality who is qualified to write and design and work with companies. And I think that’s pretty great.

As I enter this new chapter in my life I am focusing on the fact that my story is just beginning, but I’m lucky to have had University of Oregon as the preface to the novel of what Morgan Hegarty is to be. What is that journey? I don’t know, but I know that this school provided me with an education that makes everything within arm’s reach.


Three generations of Ducks: My grandfather, my dad, and moi.

Thank you to everyone who has sent an encouraging word, or stayed up late to study, or was simply there on the last day of finals when I just wanted to watch High School Musical and eat ice cream. I’m so lucky that I am able to have you in my life.

Now go out there and be great!


For everyone wondering my post-grad plans, I am currently finishing up a credit or two over the summer before moving onto my adult life. From there, I don’t know. My life is pretty open at the moment and I just want to experience everything I can. That said, hire me.

Stay classy, Internet,












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