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The Great Thing About Books

As many of the nerds of the world will tell you, books are great things. They are magical collections of pages that transport the reader sitting in their bedroom to fabulous places where anything can happen.

Reading a book is like getting on an airplane. You start in a place you know, but as you get into the air, you have no way of knowing what’s going to happen, if you’ll even end up at your expected landing spot. Books are mysterious like that. I like it.

My absolute favorite thing about books is that you can read the same book a thousand times and learn something new about it every single time. I’ve read the Harry Potter series at least seven times and each time I read one of the books, I learn something new. It can be something minuscule like discovering a certain character’s birthday or something HUGE like a whole scene that you finally understand! Re-reading a book is like watching a film in the cinema. There were little parts that you missed the first time you saw it, and when you got it on DVD, you caught them and it amazed you. Wow, books are awesome.

So many kids in my generation hate reading, preferring the words of Shakespeare to George Lucas. But the truth is, while a Star Wars film keeps you entertained, your mind can only go where the screen goes. With a book, the vast expanse of space invites you to go along it’s many corners, letting you tag along as you read about sword fights, cross country trips, and vampires. A book is more than a film, it’s the place where imagination moved to when the first person picked up a pencil.

What do you like about reading? What good books have you picked up lately? What are some books people should leave on the shelf?

Happy Thursday!

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