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The Importance of Self-Care (And How I Unwind)

This past week I canceled on two events. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but it’s the first time in a year I have done so. It was a habit I thought I had broken. But upon further reflection I realized it wasn’t because I was being lazy, it was because I was burnt out. Enter self-care.

On Sunday I took the day off. no commitments, no housework, not even checking emails. Just an entire day focused on restoring my energy. I watched an embarrassing amount of crap films, ate too many steamed dumplings, and finally used my new candle. And on Monday morning I returned back to normal life feeling renewed.

Self-care days are sometimes necessary to getting by. It’s become part of human nature to overwork ourselves and take on too much with too little breaks. The new normal is stressed. So taking the time to 1) tune into our feelings and 2) take a break needs to become something we actually work on. And when we take these breaks we can come back with a fresher perspective and a refreshed sense of enthusiasm.

Below are a few ways I “veg out” on my break days and leave myself feeling brand new.

Morgan’s Self-Care To-Do

Stylish Comfy Outfit and Films

I have a very posh way of thinking that I relax better when I have a stylish comfy outfit. A matching hoodie and sweats has become my go-to (black on black is very chic), but any loungewear or pajama set can feel just as glamorous. Whatever makes you feel best. And in this fabulous comfy outfit I love to watch movies that do not rank high on the Oscar Noms list. Frequent favourites include Little Manhattan, Twilight, High School Musical, and anything Nancy Meyers. This combo creates ultimate relaxation while still looking like your life is slightly together.

Bath and Skincare Party

Find me someone who doesn’t feel soothed spending time in the bath. Get me a few candles and a nice body scrub and we’re looking at the highlight of my year. Follow this up with a full 14-step skincare routine and I am so zen I don’t even remember my full name.


I think it’s in my genes, but I love to cook. Watching my parents growing up has given me a love of being in the kitchen. It’s a bit nostalgic really – some of my best memories are of my dad teaching me how to make poached eggs or season a burger. So it really comes as no surprise that I find cooking very therapeutic. Follow a recipe and yield a delicious result. And with the 9000000 cast iron pans I’ve bought this year to “cook more” I better start using them every damn day.

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