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The Justin Bieber Generation

I am absolutely outraged people my age are called ‘The Justin Bieber Generation’. Absolutely outraged!

Eras are defined by inventions, important people of the time, and significant period crises. If this era, the one you and I are part of, is defined by a 17 year-old pop star, I’m at a loss for words.

I have nothing against Justin Bieber. Please don’t take this to be a hate post or whatever, but I don’t believe my generation should be defined by him. This isn’t the generation of Justin Bieber, with his swoopy hair, or Miley Cyrus, with her bird cage videos. This is the generation of real technology evolution, of internet blogging, even of this recession we’re facing right now. How someone could try and define all of this with Justin Bieber is outrageous.

The strangest part of Justin Bieber being the namesake of my generation is that not many of us like Justin Bieber. But for this to make sense I must define my generation. We are the people in 8th grade to a senior in college, the 13 to 23’s out there. We’ve outgrown the love of Justin sweeping his bangs off his face and pretend games like supermarket. We are into texting our friends, hanging out at the local mall, and tattooing our bodies in adolescent rebellion. Why we would be associated with Justin Bieber, only God knows why.

Some more fitting names for my generation? ‘The Cell Phone Generation’. ‘The Technology Generation’. Even ‘Generation S’ for all of our social networking. So many more fitting names and we’re stuck with ‘The Justin Bieber Generation’.

Maybe the people who name generations got tired and his daughter wore a Justin Bieber t-shirt one day and he thought it fit. Maybe everyone on the generation-naming committee is a total Bieb-hard. The world may never know.

Happy December!

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