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The Love Whisperer (A Q&A)

The time has come again for a little Q&A, where I answer the questions that have been littering my inbox for weeks now.

Tell us about a crush you’ve had.

This is so embarrassing. Seriously, this guy probably has no idea I had a crush on him for six years. Then again, it wasn’t like I was super obvious about it because I could barely speak in his presence.. I had this crush on this guy who I went to middle & high school with and I still think he’s adorable when he shows up on my Facebook newsfeed. But yeah, I used to punch him in the shoulder because I thought it was cute. It was not. I used to get very flustered in his presence. It was unattractive. I don’t think it was until I was a senior in high school that I finally put on my big girl panties and actually had a normal conversation with him without awkwardly melting into a puddle. Yeah, crush-y Morgan is not exactly girl power Morgan.

I don’t understand the BLS/BBS thing.

Meet Haley, my Blogging Little Sis. Basically, Haley is another blogger on this awesome Internet thing. Haley and I have had quite a bit of interaction through Twitter and Huffington Post Teen and it led to me mentoring her (called a Blogging Big Sis). Of course, I’ve grown to love her as my blogging buddy and so we’ve started a little family. She’s so supportive of everything I’ve done and I am the same way with her. She’s also absolutely hilarious and our chats are fantastic. So yeah, the BLS/BBS thing is two girls working together to change the world one blog post at a time.

How are you so good at giving love advice?

I don’t know. My dad actually laughs about it because my own love life is incredibly nonexistent. There weren’t many boys in my high school (except for two or three) that I would have actually considered dating. And now that I’m at university I am so bogged down with school and work and my writing that dating is the last thing on my mind. I know, I’m that weirdo who would rather write a blog post than grab an STD at a party. I love boys dearly (just read my Twitter to truly understand) but I just haven’t found one to call mine. So, to answer your question, I watch a lot of romantic comedies. My friend calls me the Love Whisperer.

Why do you always mention Harry Styles? He’s not cool.

*gasp* Harry Styles is cool. And I will continue to mention him until I find him not relevant to my life. And in September he shall be very relevant, so prepare yourselves.

Why did you leave Huffington Post Teen?

I’m not really a teen anymore. I wrote my last article for them last week, which you should read here, and it explains my decision to leave. It definitely wasn’t an easy decision. But luckily I am still with HuffPost as a write for Huffington Post College!

Favorite song of the moment?

Of course you ask this when EP’s are coming out, I’m rediscovering my favourite musicians, and I’m doing my yearly music clean out.

Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran

Heartache on the Big Screen – 5 Seconds of Summer

Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles

How does it feel to be 19?

I love being 19! I don’t particularly feel any older, but it’s nice to join the ranks of all my friends.

How are you feeling after the whole depression thing?

I hate calling it depression. I prefer “Losing My Happy.” And I’m doing really good. Going home and chilling with my girlies over spring break was definitely helpful. All in all, I definitely believe that taking a break from the absolute craziness that was my winter term has brought back all of my creativity and happiness.

What did you do for your birthday?

I woke up and Skyped my parents and opened presents, which was a bit weird, but it was nice getting to talk to them. My parents always make my birthday really special. Then I had class and work, but my night was really great! I went out and saw “Spring Awakening” with friends, and as weird as the musical was, I always love the theatre!

Best birthday gift?


Excuse the lighting, this is just a quick preview.


I actually cried over this one. My mom and dad got me a Teenage Enthusiasm shirt! I was basically speechless when I opened it and I love it so much. Seriously, it is one of the best gifts I will ever receive. I’m thinking of selling them too, so if you’re interested let me know!

Stay classy, Internet,










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