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The Nanny Diaries

If you stalk my Twitter (and let’s be honest, I know that all of you are obsessed with my tweets) then you will have become very familiar with #NannyWeekend. If not, let me fill you in. I took an overnight babysitting gig with my favorite munchkins and, to put it bluntly, it was amazing!

First off, these kids are one of my favorites to babysit. I used to watch them weekly, but with schedules and other commitments, it’s been a while since I’ve seen these cuties. Our families are really close and I consider them like siblings. I treat them as if they were my younger brother and sister. Kate is 8 and Art is 6 and when I told them I was turning 18 this week they looked at me as if I was turning 180.


Friday was the start of Nanny Weekend. I arrived at 8:30 am (no beauty sleep for this girl) and played Legos and tickle fight and Just Dance 4 until I dropped (literally, Art fell on top of me.) As we played Just Dance 4 and Kate forced me to shake my groove thang, I learned that I would be spending my weekend with two Directioners. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, it’s gonna be a good weekend! (More on these Directioners later) At this point their mom came back from an estate sale to pack her bag and I went home to eat lunch, pack my own overnight bag, and write a quick email before returning for the real start of Nanny Weekend!

After filling me in on any information I might need over the next two days, the mom left and it was just me against two children. We spent our afternoon continuing our Lego game and unlocking a new achievement on Just Dance. At 5, the kids headed out to our local Children’s Museum for their Night @ the Museum, where kids can play while parents have the night off. I spent my free time at home eating dinner and doing homework and keeping up on news about Boston. At 9 I picked up the kids and had my first lesson about parenting. Kids will do anything to get out of stuff they don’t want to do. The kids tried to convince me not to make them brush their teeth, but using my own tricks, and telling them how horrid your teeth look when you don’t brush them, they happily obliged to brush them. Nanny 1 Kids 0. Then I read them 3 really loooooooooong bedtime books and it was lights out for Nanny Weekend Day 1.


I was awoken Saturday morning by a hard tapping on my left foot. I dislodged myself from my covers to find Kate standing at the end of the bed, looking at my expectantly. It was 7:30 and both kids were up and ready to play! I might be a lazy teenager, but I wanted to spend as much time with them, so I got out of the warm bed and went to watch AFV and eat. We had a lovely breakfast of cream of wheat and Nutella bagels, which is surprisingly a yummy and filling breakfast, before I decided to shower. It took me a half hour to shower, dress, and do my hair and make up. When I came downstairs, Art acted like I had been gone for 90 years. He even said, “We even watched ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ while you were gone. That’s how long you were.” Ah, little kids and their concept of time.

After they’d both brushed their teeth and dressed, we set up to the most fun thing I’ve ever had to do. Organize a children’s bookcase. I love organizing, don’t get me wrong, but when I have children, I’m hiring someone to organize that insanity. And when organizing said bookshelf, don’t have the kids with you, because they will pull each thing out and play with them and eventually you will tell them to sit there while you organize each item into either ‘Discard’ or ‘Keep’. Much simpler and less stressful. And believe it or not, in 3 hours, we finished! Whoo!

After lunch, we had the great pleasure of getting to go to the carnival in town with some friends. The kids bought corndogs and slushies and had a great time playing games (Art won a sword, which is something I can’t say I was thrilled about as he played ninja all day) and when we got to the rides, Kate was fearless! She rode everything and rode them several times. Eventually the kids persuaded me to ride some of the rides, which included one that went very high and very fast. Art said he’d only go on if I went too, so I obliged, and when we actually got on the ride he wanted to sit next to Kate. I was alone and very scared and now I will be emotionally scared due to a child’s decision. Kidding! All in all, we had a great time at the carnival and I have a dark tan line from my TOMS to prove it.

Now exhausted from the carnival, we retired home to play with our prizes and eat dinner. Oven pizza was served (I am such a chef) and we all gobbled it down hungrily. Now, one of the great things about having Morgan as your babysitter is that you are most likely going to watch a good movie when she’s over. Every time I watch them I bring a movie and they always like it. This time I brought over Big Fat Liar, which they liked and it helped me teach them a lesson that telling the truth is always important. Afterwards, however, is when I learned just how bad they have One Direction Infection.

Now, my ringtone on my phone is ‘One Thing’. Don’t judge me, I’m not embarrassed, it’s a good song. My phone had gone off earlier that morning and Art had heard and spent most of the day mumbling, “Get out, get out, get out of my head” and saying just how much he liked that song. Which meant I played my ringtone over and over again. Now moving onto that night. The kids had begged me to bring my One Direction Concert DVD (once again, no judging. I just like Harry Styles’ face) and I asked my mom to bring it down for me (more like begged because I was not going to leave until those kids watched the movie) and she did and the kids popped it in and settled down for the hour long show. And this is the story of how I spent my Saturday night on the couch watching the One Direction Concert DVD with little kids, singing the words like the little fangirls we are. The best part of the night was this.

ART: Morgan? ME: Yeah? ART: When are they going to sing One Direction? ME: What do you mean? ART: When are they going to sing One Direction? ME: Art, this is One Direction singing One Direction songs. ART: Oh… ME: What did you think One Direction concert meant? ART: I don’t know…

I had a good old laugh at that. The next best part was when Art got bored of watching it (only Kate watched attentively while I tried to stay awake, as what little girl wouldn’t pay rapt attention to 5 cute guys on a screen singing) and started playing a computer game and only looked at the TV when ‘One Thing’ came on and sang along with the whole song before turning back to his game. It was adorable.

When the concert ended, I forced them to put on their jammies and brush their teeth, reading them a quick book before promising I’d see them soon. They were sad to see me go, but they soon zonked out.


And this is the part where I reflect upon all of this. I am really happy I agreed to overnight babysit. It was a new experience and it was so much fun! I’m happy I did it with kids I feel comfortable with and that we had such a great time together. And their mom said they wanted to do it again, which means they enjoyed it too!

I can’t imagine my long weekend having been spent any better way. It was too much fun!


Now, as I wrap up this incredibly long post that is probably putting you to sleep, I have some super exciting news to share with you. Over the past few weeks I’ve been letting slip my information about university and where I’m going to be heading in September. Well, I’ve finally made my decision. Are you ready for it? You ready? 1…2…3…I AM GOING TO THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON!

After thinking long and hard about it, I decided that this really is where I want to go. I think my next post might be about my decision, but only if you want it to. So let me know in the comments.

Thank you all for reading and I will see you later this week!

Stay classy Internet,






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