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The No Makeup Choice

There was an episode of “Full House” where DJ discovers makeup. She puts so much on in an effort to be more beautiful, only for the episode to end with her learning that makeup should only enhance what you already have.

I think about that episode a lot, and how it influenced how I feel about how I look. Whenever I put on makeup I always thought, “Not too much, it just needs to make me look more like me.” And I followed that for a few years.

This summer I stopped wearing makeup. It wasn’t really a conscious choice, it just ended up happening. Too many days of being shut up writing articles and not being around people resulted in no makeup and too many messy buns. But I don’t regret it, because it make me appreciate what I really look like.

As with everyone else on the planet, I’ve never really appreciated the way I look. Small eyes, spotty Irish skin, and very red cheeks. They are all things I’ve tried hiding behind foundation, mascara, etc. And as much as I was happier with my appearance in photos and such, I was hiding behind this person who was not me. And I wasn’t truly happy hiding what I really look like.

It’s been a long journey of liking who I am, inside and outside. And I’ve finally come into that part of my life that I love myself. Yeah, I still have spotty skin and squinty eyes, but they are part of what makes me look like the person I was created to look like. They are the features I was genetically made to have, and it’s time to embrace them.

Not wearing makeup is not some crazy spiel against makeup companies or people who enjoy wearing makeup. It’s more about how I like the way I look without makeup. My skin feels free, I can rub my eyes freely, and I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind a mask. Yes, I do like putting makeup on for special occasions, but on a daily basis (such as now as I sit in the deserted journalism building) there’s no real need for me to wear makeup. I save myself the hassle of washing it off later, and it’s kinder on my pores.

We’re all entitled to liking the way we look, and we’re all entitled to doing that however we please. I have friends who can’t even imagine leaving the house without putting on at least foundation. And I have some friends who will only wear makeup if they’re forced. The important thing is that you respect that your body wants and needs to feel special and beautiful. Because loving yourself in all ways is important.

This has been a PSA.


Okay guys, it was kind of odd not writing for Everyday Enthusiasm, but I think I’m getting the hang of normal blogging back! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience without makeup (which has been a very interesting one) and I encourage you to share your own stories with or without makeup in the comments. I’m very interested to see all the different angles people will take this.

Expect another post from me soon and until then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I know I will (I have to grocery shop. Adult life, ugh.)

Stay classy, Internet,










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