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The Party Girl Has Died (A Q&A)

Hey! I’m under the weather again, which means only one thing: A Question & Answer! As always, send me your questions and I will answer them. And this time you guys had some very…interesting questions, so let’s begin!

1. Who are five people who inspire you?

My mom, my dad, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Audrey Hepburn.

2. Will you continue to blog when you go to university?

Yes. It will only be about once a week, but I will definitely continue writing on here.

3. Did you see Harry twerk?

I thought everyone who owned a television had seen it. I’m still recovering from the traumatic experience. Poor Harry. “Hey, remember that time you were forced to twerk on national television?”

But if you haven’t, here it is. Everyone watch Ed Sheeran’s face.

4. What is your favourite food?

I like bread. And chocolate.

5. What is your blogging process?

Think of an idea, sit in front of laptop, write it out, eat something, edit post, add pictures, publish.

6. What are you listening to right now?

The 5 Seconds of Summer Pandora station. Arrows by Rah Rah just came on.

7. What is your phone background?

8. When do you leave for college?

September 26th! I still have so much of summer left!

9. What did you mean by #NoMorePartyGirl on Twitter?

When I got sick yesterday morning (which has carried onto today) my mom told me it was because I was out partying too much. In all honesty, I went to a friend’s house to send her off to university. So the joke is that I have a ‘partying’ problem and it’s given me a cold. Even though when I party all I do is eat pizza and Skype friends and play Psychiatrist.

10. Are you single?

Did you really think I was in a relationship? I spend my life discussing bands and on Pinterest.

11. I really liked your last post. What inspired you to write it?

Being an enthusiast is my life and I wanted everyone to kind of know more about me. My blog is me and my enthusiasm is one of the things I’d like my readers to understand about me.

12. Current favorite artists/bands?

The Vamps, Ellie Goulding, 5 Seconds of Summer, Little Mix, and Olly Murs.

13. When do you get your braces off?

September 10th. I got my final check on Wednesday and I can’t wait to get these pain contraptions off my teeth!

14. Where do you live?

Not in England unfortunately.

15. I want blogging friends. How do I get them?

Find someone you want to be blogging friends with and comment on their blog. Or send them an email saying you want to become friends.

16. Harry Styles or Ashton Irwin?

This is like the Logan Lerman vs. Finn Harries question from my last Q&A in May. Geez, I don’t know. They’re both adorable. How do you decide between two people with curly hair, dimples, and accents? That’s right, you don’t. But Ashton doesn’t have a butterfly on his tummy so…ASHTON IRWIN!


I bet one of my friends asked this question. Guys, I am bad at making decisions like this!

17. Are you enjoying your summer?

Yes! It’s hard because I know that everyone is leaving but I am enjoying my time with them. I’m also reconnecting with an old friend and having a real blast. Definitely one of my better summers. Even though I have to pack.

Thanks for reading! New post up in a few days about books! I’m trying to get healthy ASAP for y’all so give me a little patience. Remember to send your questions into me on Twitter or at

Stay classy Internet,








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