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The Pescetarian's Guide to College Eating

Living on a college budget is hard.

Living on a college budget as a pescetarian is also hard.

I’m going to make it easier.

After becoming a vegetarian back in August, and a pescetarian this past month, I’ve learned a thing or two about having a specialized diet on a college budget.

If you don’t know, a pescetarian is someone who does not eat meat, but does eat fish. Meat doesn’t agree with my stomach very well, but as I have a habit of being protein-deficient, fish has become my go-to for a protein boost. The food that I eat is food that keeps my protein and health levels up, while still tasting good and not costing a whole lot. The guide I’ve made (which is basically a list of the food staples I buy at the market) is to help you make smart decisions while grocery shopping on a specialized diet.

The Pescetarian’s Guide to College Budget Friendly Eating (aka, Morgan’s Grocery List)

Fish sticks/fillets

Because I do eat fish, I always make sure I have some in my freezer. Currently it’s a 105-count bag of fish sticks, but fish fillets are also great. It’s important to have a go-to protein.


I make eggs just about every morning. I always make poached eggs and if anything, they make sure I have some protein in my body at the beginning of the day. And eggs can be incorporated in any meal, so they’re definitely a staple.

Frozen veggies

If there’s one thing you can make quick that’s healthy, it’s frozen veggies. Pop them in the microwave and eat them plain or with rice and protein. Definitely a go-to for me.


I like to pick up a bag of brown rice to eat with veggies or if we get Asian food. A bag usually lasts me about a month or two.

Greek yoghurt

Put it in a protein shake, with some granola and berries, or just by itself. They all taste good! Greek yoghurt has protein in it and will fill you up more, making it a great snack or meal.

Peanut butter

Another protein boost (are you seeing the theme?) that goes with just about everything. Currently I’ve been loving putting peanut butter on my pancakes in the morning.

Whole grain pasta

While pasta may not be the healthiest thing, we all crave pasta somedays. I like to pick up the fancy shape ones, and I always get whole grain, and that makes me feel a little better about it. I pair my pasta with pesto sauce and goat cheese and it’s just about perfect!

Fresh fruit

While definitely not a necessity, it’s nice to have fresh fruit in your kitchen for a healthy snack/meal enhancer. I always pick up bananas, blackberries, and whatever seasonal fruit I see lying around.

Protein powder

I just got into protein shakes and I will never go back. As someone who was very protein-deficient, having a definite protein source is so nice. I like to mix vanilla protein powder with milk and water for an easy shake I can take on the road. Plus, those powder jugs last forever!


I buy spinach not only to feed my guinea pig, but to make great salads. Always have some in the fridge for vitamin C and a healthy boost.

Granola bars

These are good for on-the-go, but also for crushing up and putting with some yoghurt. I’ve started getting more into granola and it’s been great.

“Chicken” nuggets

In the vegetarian section of your local supermarket you will notice these “Chick’n Nuggets” made of soy protein. BUY THEM! I love them and they are also a great protein boost and taste so good. Even my boyfriend (a bonafide manly meat eater) said that he likes them.


I am lactose intolerant, thus this is the milk I drink.

I really only drink milk with protein shakes or with homemade cookies, but it’s a good staple to always have in your fridge.

High-fiber cereal

Cereals like Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran and Grape Nuts are great to have in your pantry. They make quick breakfasts and are nice for snacking on. Just make sure to choose something high in fiber and not so high in sugar.

Black beans

In all honesty, I just really love black beans. I like them in burritos, I like them with spinach and hardboiled eggs, and I like them plain. I think they’re a healthy bean to stick with and I definitely recommend always having a can.


And those are my basic kitchen staples for the pescetarian! I hope that you have found some stuff that you can eat.

Thank you for reading, I’ll talk to you all later!

Stay classy, Internet,










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