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The Popeye Smoothie

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last…what is it, 22 months?, then you’ve probably discovered that I am a huge junk food fan. Especially chocolate. I love to eat bread and sweets and massive amounts of peanut butter. In all honesty, I should be a thousand pounds and not be able to fit in the narrow hallways of my house. But God gave me a metabolism and I do fit.Yay!

Anyway, as much as I do love my calorie-gainers, I also really enjoy eating healthy. Diabetes runs in my family and I’ve always been super freaked out about getting it, so I try to add some healthier foods into my diet. Unfortunately, I really like sweet foods because I only like foods that are very flavorful. But a lot of those foods are unhealthy. Until now!

My mom and I are on Pinterest (see my profile here) and we like to exchange the different things we pin. About three weeks ago my mom told me about this spinach smoothie she’d come across. And as I love all the ingredients in the smoothie I thought I’d try it and I LOVE IT! Here is the link to the original recipe, but I’ve made some modifications for my own preferences and such.

I call this the Popeye smoothie because it literally makes me think I can tackle anything. In the Popeye cartoons, Popeye eats spinach to give him strength to fix the problem. For me, I drink a spinach smoothie to help me fight through a hard day of tests and work. As I said before, I have made some slight modifications, but the original is through that link. It’s going to taste amazing whichever recipe you use.

The Popeye Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect go-getter smoothie. Protein, veggies, fruits. I really like to make these because I’m a person who really doesn’t like spending a lot of time in the morning cooking breakfast and this takes less than five minutes to make. And they keep me full in the morning during school. I cannot concentrate if I am hungry. It’s like that Mini-Wheats commercial, “Keep them full and focused” or fail school because of hunger. Also, it’s just really delicious and a great way to get your dietary needs while drinking something amazing! The original recipe is about 350 calories, but mine has a bit less of the ingredients, so I’m not exactly sure how many calories it is. I hope you all try this recipe and comment below on what you thought of it!


  1. Spinach

  2. Almond milk (I use the Almond Breeze brand)

  3. A banana (In the original it is frozen, but if you forget, just put ice cubes in the smoothie)

  4. Greek yogurt (I reallylike the Greek Gods Vanilla Honey yogurt)

  5. Peanut butter

  6. A large cup

  7. A blender

YIELDS: 1 serving

Now that you have all your ingredients (I know my banana looks gross), it’s time to put it all together! In your blender, pour one cup of almond milk. Putting more in will make your smoothie really liquidy and putting less will make it more chunky. Adjust according to your liking. Then add your Greek yogurt (I put about two normal soup spoons worth in). Then put one soup spoons worth of peanut butter in. Your smoothie should now resemble lumpy tan milk.

Now add your banana in. In the original recipe it says to freeze the banana, but I usually forget to do that. I just add ice cubes into the mixture. Then either slice or just pick apart your banana and add it to the other ingredients. My banana looks like a potato, but otherwise your smoothie should now look like this.

Now add the spinach! In the original it says 4 cups. 4 CUPS! Uh, no. First off, the big spinach containers only have about 9 cups in them, so that’s like 2 and a quarter smoothies. For my smoothies I take about two normal handfuls of smoothie and just place them in. Looks like my smoothie has a big green brain!

Now you just blend it up! Then drink it and enjoy it and tell it to all of your friends. I am aware that it sounds like the grossest thing ever (my best friend’s reaction was, “That is literally the grossest thing I have ever seen. Don’t get it near me”) but it really does taste amazing. I haven’t had anyone except for my veggiephobic father try it and not like it.

If you tried this smoothie, please tell me all about it in the comments! And if you like my little ‘Cooking with Morgan’ posts, let me know so I can make more!

Have a great week!

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