The Rules of Flirt

I am a terrible flirt.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need to pull the flirt out of their back pocket. This week I’ve had to do that and let me tell you, I should have exercised my flirt much more in the last 19 years. Because my game is pretty weak, and it needs some fine tuning.

Flirting is this weird thing that humans do to attract each other. Few other species do it (theirs is more physical than ours) and it means that flirting is truly a dance of trying to figure out the person while making them think you’re attractive. It’s such a weird concept. But unfortunately it’s something that we all need to do to create a relationship.

I’ve given this blog post a lot of thought. I try to relate the blog to my life, but unfortunately my flirting skills are way too weak to give any advice. So, I thought I would do something I can do: a guide to figuring out how to flirt.

Morgan’s Rules to Discovering Flirting


Here’s the cool thing about flirting, there’s someone to play off of! If both of you are interested you can work off how they flirt with you. People flirt how they like to be flirted with usually, so if they are using lots of suggestive flirting, they probably like suggestive flirting. If they flirt shyly, they probably prefer shy flirting. Take the flirting you’re getting back and incorporate it into your own flirting.


Especially if you’re just starting to flirt with someone, it’s best to your conversation in safe areas so as to not offend them or such. Because they definitely aren’t going to want to date you if you offend them. However, if you keep it too neutral you’re going to bore them. You can only talk about school so much. That’s when you add in some “dangerous” topics to get a better idea of them and see if your personalities mesh. Talk about something like books, movies, politics, etc. to see if there really is a future.


It’s really hard to be interesting and fun and engaged in the conversation when you’re sweating buckets. Keeping your cool helps you to think out what you’re saying, plus you can read the person a little better. Plus, the best way to be yourself and seem more attractive is if you’re relaxed and chill. Always keep your chill.


Inside jokes mean you’re connecting! Use them! If you have an inside joke about eating whipped cream off elephants bring it into your conversation! It shows that connection and it’s going to make your flirt game much stronger!


Yes, once again I’m using my go-to dating advice: Be yourself. You want someone to date you for yourself. And as I’ve learned this week, people might like the weird things about yourself! And that’s so odd to believe, but it’s true. So be yourself, it might just work in your favor.


Well, I expect full reports on all of your flirting adventures now! Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with the blog, you’re so awesome!

Stay classy, Internet,









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