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The Spring Break Starter Kit

As the spring break season approaches, packing your suitcase has become a new to do on your ever growing list.

Spring break is a great time for trying out anything to the beach to the mountains to just staying over at a friend’s. But that means that you need to have the perfect suitcase to fit whatever adventure you’re going on. We all know that a good trip comes from what you pack – and the company you keep! – so making sure to fill that suitcase with the essentials is so important.

Below is the “Spring Break Starter Kit” for any adventure you may find yourself on. Bon voyage!

Spring Break 2k16 Essentials Starter Kit

Sunny tropical

Tahiti is so awesome.  Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.:

Sunny skies, palm trees, and enough margaritas and mai tais to get your through the week. Paradise, right? Prepare for any sort of situation with these suitcase stuffers:

  1. Bathing suit

  2. Sunglasses

  3. Sunscreen

  4. Reading material

  5. Cover up for cloudier days

Mountain range

Lake Louise, Canada  Lake Louise gets five gold stars when it comes to breathtaking mountain ranges and turquoise lake water. In the summertime you can go hiking, whitewater rafting, golfing or fishing. The wintertime in Lake Louise offers skiing and snowboarding, dog sledding, and romantic horse drawn carriage rides. Sounds like a complete dream. The place to be is the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.:

Sometimes instead of basking in the sun it’s better to get in the snow or hike in the green. The mountains are a relaxing, yet exciting, way to spend your break and can be better with your suitcase full of this:

  1. Jeans

  2. Boots

  3. Flannel shirts

  4. Big water bottle

  5. Camera

Coastal getaway

McWay FallsOn the way to Big Sur, you’ll be plenty tempted to stop along the road to take in the wonderment of the sea around you, as many do, but the ultimate coastal sight is McWay Falls. Stop along the road and embark on the trail that surrounds this ocean pool and its petite waterfall. You’ll smell the sweet mixture of salty sea air and redwood pines while...:

If you’re doing what I’m doing, you’re heading to rocky coastal shores to splash in water, find some seals, and if you find yourself in Oregon eat at Mo’s. And you can only do all this with a properly packed suitcase like this:

  1. Wellingtons (rain boots)

  2. Rain jacket

  3. Camera

  4. Bag (for collecting sea things)

  5. Board games

Staying in

Breakfast in Bed:

Can’t afford a big trip? Staying in is almost better! Use your time at home to indulge in the fun things in life, do what you can’t do during the work week, and enjoy your home for more than just a sleeping space with these easy at-home things:

  1. Comfy pants

  2. Cushions

  3. Netflix

  4. At-home spa treatments

  5. Slippers


What are your spring break plans? What are you packing?

Check back on Wednesday for more Enthusiast madness!

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