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The Thoughts of a Golf Kid

There are certain aspects of my life that you don’t know. Some of them I don’t want to share due to security and some that just have never come up. Today I will reveal one of them to you. I am a golf kid.

Golf kid? You don’t know that to make of this name. I’ll explain. I am the daughter of a PGA professional. Children of golf professionals are called golf kids. We deal with our fathers/mothers playing golf, dragging us along on tournaments, or traveling from town to town as we find golf courses that want our parents to teach golf.

Now, I’ve always known about my life as a golf kid. It’s not something that you can’t not notice. But today, it really hit me just how much being a golf kid affects my life.

My dad’s best friend is none other than PGA professional Steve Pate. Maybe you know him, maybe you don’t. He’s on Wikipedia. My Uncle Steve still plays in the professional bracket and is my brother’s godfather. He played in a tournament today, and my family decided to come out and watch him. I was reluctant at first (I’ve repressed golf my entire life), but after today, I realized that golf isn’t that bad.

My status on Facebook this morning was “Golf nerding it up today.” which referred to my nerdy golf outfit I had to wear. Patterned shorts, matching shorts, dorky golf cap. The only thing nerdier than me was Urkel.

Now, most of you who read this probably watch golf on the television. That’s fine. That’s mostly how I used to watch golf with my father. But actually being on the course, walking in the hot sun, smelling like sunscreen and sweat, and actually hearing the polite clapping live, that’s how you get into golf. I walked 9 holes, with a previous 9 holes yesterday, and then sat at 18 with my mum. It was my first time walking the course, and I found that golf is much more complicated than ball, club, hole.

The Basics of What I Learned Today

  1. If a number on the score is red, it means it is under Par.

  2. Par is the number of strokes for that hole. Say the Par is 5, and you hit 6 strokes before you get in the hole. That means you are 1 over Par.

  3. Birdie means 1 under Par.

  4. Eagle means 2 under Par.

  5. Bogey means 1 over Par. Golf slang is cool and actually comes from England.

  6. Every golf course has an overall Par of 72.

  7. There is no official saying to say to a man after he comes off the course and hasn’t done good or bad.

I learned other little tidbits, but I don’t want to bore you.

Today really did open my ears and eyes to golf. I actually enjoyed myself a little. Being on the golf course, being quiet for the players, it makes you feel like part of something, like being an extra in a play. And I’m sure it would have been much less interesting if I didn’t know someone who was playing. Watching sports when you know one of the players…that’s the only way I watch sports.

My overall point: Golf wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. I still won’t play it, but I will have a whole new respect for it. And I might even join my dad next time he plays in a tournament. But only if there is shade 😀

Thank you for reading this crazy long lengthy post. Do any of you play golf? Say so in the comments! And maybe you want to let me know on Facebook?

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