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The Trick to Balancing Life (And Still Getting Sleep)

The first thing I was told about college life was that you had to choose between your social life, your school work, and your sleep schedule. And you can only choose two. Which do you choose?

I’ve recently had to start balancing my life. I was pretty content with doing my school work and getting eight hours of sleep. But then life happens and suddenly I had a lot more things on my schedule and I had to balance them to make all of it work. And this past week I’ve truly learned the lesson of balance.

It’s hard to dedicate time and energy towards everything that deserves your time and energy. And so you have to prioritize and schedule everything to make it work. I gave this all a lot of thought this morning (eating eggs while cuddling my guinea really helps with the whole “contemplate life” thing) and here is my list of aspects of life that deserve life and energy and how to balance it all.

Morgan Balances Her Life (But Still Can’t Finish Desperate Housewives)

School work

We all know that school work is incredibly important as a student. And in university you’re basically paying to do it! This is a priority in the highest and deserves a lot of your time and energy. I find the best way to make sure that I am giving the right amount to my school work is to make a schedule of when my work is due and when I want to actually do the assignment. For my Econ quizzes due Tuesday and Thursday I do them Monday and Wednesday. For my journalism projects due on Sunday I make sure to have a little bit of the project done each day to keep the work from piling up. Having that schedule makes sure that I know what I’m doing, and I’m getting things done each day, and it doesn’t all pile up and keep me from other aspects of my life.

Social life

Spending time with friends is so important for your sanity! Plus, who doesn’t want to spend a few hours chilling with your friends after a hectic week? Everyone has a different social calendar (my idea of a big Friday night with friends is on my couch with my friends, roommates, and guinea pig) but it’s important to keep to a strict social calendar so you don’t cut into other time. That’s why making set plans is important. A lunch date with a friend, a homework date with friends over dinner, movies on a Friday night, or even a trip to the mall with friends. Having set hang out times with a particular time frame helps to keep you from just aimlessly hanging out and wasting eight hours of your life doing nothing.

Sleep schedule

Get your sleep! I know, in college especially, that sometimes sleep cuts into your productivity schedule, but you need sleep. Find the best amount of sleep for your body (mine is about six hours) and make yourself a schedule that works with that. For me, it’s going to bed the latest at 1am, but setting my alarm everyday for 7am. That’s six hours. If I go to bed at 1 I know that I will at most get six hours of sleep, and if I go to bed before 1 then I get even more sleep! A balance of life is very difficult without proper sleep.

Personal endeavours

If you have a blog, or write freelance, or want to run a baking company, or need to write scholarships, or make your own fashion line, then you need time for personal endeavours. You need the time to get all of that done! Just like homework, make that schedule to see that you get something done each day. Today I have some freelance writing and a blog post and that means I need to schedule when I’m doing all of that. Otherwise I’ll hit all my deadlines at once and I will scream!


I don’t care if this picture doesn’t fit the rest of the aesthetic, it’s hella adorable!

This one is a new one for me, but it’s been quite the learning experience adding dating to my balancing act. I am now the proud owner of a boyfriend (I know, guys, I’m about as shocked as you are) and that means I have a whole new person to add into my week. And when both of you have major lives (we both have midterms today – how romantic) it’s hard to make it all work to add the time into your relationship. And I believe that’s why date night was created. It’s important to find some time in your week to dedicate time to each other so that your relationship can grow. Even if it’s an hour a week for a lunch date, having that time is important to keeping your relationship. Of course, you can also watch “Frozen” through twice on a Sunday night until 11:30 when you have early class the next day, but all people date differently 😉


And those are my aspects of balance! We all have different things to balance. Some people have children, pets (yeah, my guinea pig gets his cuddles whenever. I don’t schedule him in, he is priority), etc. But the biggest trick in all of this is that you get on it and keep yourself organized!

I hope you’ve all learned a little bit today and enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what you thought, I’m curious to know!

Okay, I’m off to balance my life a bit more (hello midterm!) and maybe eat some protein.

Stay classy, Internet,










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