The Trick to Mastering the 'Natural' Look

Hello to everyone who wishes they were naturally beautiful, aka everyone!

Looking naturally beautiful is something a select handful of people possess, and the rest of us do our absolute best to pull off the “I just woke up like this” and either succeed or fail. But it’s something that is an art form, and most of us really want to do.

A beautiful portrait of the top model Abi Fox for the Autumn 2015 campaign for the Danish shop concept Companys.:

Each of us are gifted with various forms of beauty. Whether it’s poreless skin or shiny hair or wrinkle-free, we are all beautiful. But society tells us differently and we try our best to follow those standards. Which is why the no-makeup makeup look is so popular.

I recently posted a selfie to Facebook and a friend texted me saying how pretty I looked with no makeup on. Which prompted me to awkwardly explain that I was wearing makeup. But it did bring up a good point, that it is possible to do the no-makeup look if you know what to use.

Morgan Hegarty's photo.

Just me, a face full of makeup and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Excuse the Little Mermaid top.

So, as a newly exposed ‘expert’ from my own life, I decided I would share my tips on looking naturally beautiful despite applying makeup every morning of my life.

Let’s go!

The No-Makeup Makeup Routine via The Enthusiast

First off, before applying any makeup, always apply moisturizer and eye cream, which will boost your natural beauty anyway!


Photo: Henry Leutwyler We’ve seen it everywhere from runways to magazine covers —the no-makeup makeup look. The concept is simple: makeup that compliments your features, without it looking like you are actually wearing any at all | Image via

I think the most important part of this look is the skin. Because it needs to look like skin – and not foundation – while still seeming flawless. It sounds a lot harder than it is.

First, apply a primer, like Hourglass’s Veil Mineral Primer, before applying any sort of foundation or powder.

Next, apply a tinted moisturizer (I love Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizers) that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. This will help bring a bit of light to your face, and as the day wears away your natural skin will blend, making it continue to look natural.

Apply concealer (like cult-favourite Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer) under your eyes and in trouble spots and blend into the tinted moisturizer to avoid streaks.

Tap some powder over the tinted moisturizer and concealer, which will help it set. And because you should be buying powder that matches your skin tone, it will even out the colour. A powder I love is bareMinerals Matte Foundation.

Feel free to add your amount of bronzer, blush, highlighter, etc. Just know it takes skill to make that look natural and not “It doesn’t look natural but I don’t want to say anything”.

Check that your skin still matches your neck (this one is so important) and use a blotting sheet to remove any excess makeup that’s sitting on the skin.

Voila! Your skin will be completely covered, but lightly enough to highlight your natural looks.


PAIRS | TheyAllHateUs:

First off, pluck away any awry hairs that are ruining your brow game.

Using a brow pencil, like Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz, fill in any sparse areas, and use the spoolie to brush out any funny areas to shape.

Using a clear brow gel like Benefit’s Setting Gel, brush brows into place.

Or, if you have naturally shaped eyebrows, use a clean mascara wand sprayed with some hairspray and brush eyebrows into place.

Now you have great, natural brows!


Sona Gasparian’s tutorial for brown-eyed girls will inspire melodies to the likes of Van Morrison. While blue and green eyes may have been more coveted in the past, Gasparian proves once and for via @byrdiebeauty:

This one is always the trickiest, and as someone with pretty small eyes, making my eyes look pretty without looking like I have tons of makeup on can be a real challenge. But I figured it out!

Dust a tiny bit of a light taupe/brown shadow over eyes to not only bring attention to the eyes, but because it is light people can’t tell you’re wearing eyeshadow. Use a palette of neutral colors, like the ever-favourite Maybelline’s The Nudes to find the perfect colour for you.

Skip the eyeliner and instead opt for a dark mascara to define eyes. I’ve lately been obsessed with two mascaras to give natural lashes that make my eyes pop. The first is e.l.f. Volumizing & Defining Mascara, which provides very natural lashes that reach the skies, and the other is Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara, which really defines lashes without becoming too clunky like many other defining mascaras.

Between mascara that defines eyes and a natural shadow, your eyes will still look natural but will still look striking.


Right now it’s all about the nude and neutral lips. Paired with bold brows and dewey skin, it’s understated and incredibly chic.:

Exfoliate. First step is always exfoliate.

Next apply a lip balm you love. I’d recommend one, but we all have a favourite.

Now, if you have lips that you enjoy the colour (like me) you’re good to go, but if you need to have some lip product, choose a lip colour that’s similar to your own. This product shouldn’t be too shiny or too matte (so avoid products that promote that) and doesn’t smear, so something like Clinique’s Chubby Stick Lip Balm is perfect!

Once you’ve applied the colour, you’re good to go for a very unnatural natural face!


How do you do your no-makeup makeup look?

Stay classy, Internet,












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