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The Virgin Talk

I have been avoiding this post for about a year and a half. And we’re finally going to talk about it.


After surviving high school, and my first year of college, I’ve realized that the topic of virginity and sexual intercourse is increasingly common. Almost to the point where if we aren’t talking about it I’m a bit lost as to what is going on. In today’s culture who’s sleeping with who and who’s promiscuous and who’s a prude is what everyone’s talking about. I’ve actually had people brag about their sexual adventures like I brag about my grades. The 21st century is weird.

As someone who is enjoying her virginity for what it is, I find the whole thing amusing. Living in the dorms, the amount of hookups that I saw the morning after of, it was an experience I don’t think I will ever truly recover from. I have no desire to lose my virginity soon (unless a cute British boy suddenly shows up on my doorstep and we fall madly in love) and I haven’t fully understood why some people don’t hold their own virginity as dearly as I hold mine.

We all have different reasons for our sexual activity. For some, they just enjoy it. For some, it’s a coping mechanism. For some, they have no choice. And for those like me, we just aren’t ready, or with the right person, or it goes against our beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin or not. It’s a life choice, just like dying your hair or not eating meat.

And if you start calling prudes for being against dying their hair, I’m convinced the world has gone down the drain.

I recently had a conversation with my friend about virginity. It was one of those conversations that you’re nervous about having, but you know that it will make your relationship stronger. He asked me why I was a virgin and I told him why. I don’t have someone who I feel I can share such a special thing with. I asked him why he wasn’t a virgin. And he told me how he wished he was in some ways, because he let his ding dong talk for him and didn’t enjoy his first time the way he thought he would have. But that hasn’t stopped him. He openly enjoys sexual intercourse and continues to have it because that’s how he wants to live his life. Go him!

We put so much emphasis on our virginity status, and not enough on the person’s reasons. Calling someone a prude because their religions asks them to wait until marriage is rude. Calling someone a slut because they enjoy having sex with their significant other is wrong. Putting names on people because of how intact their hymen is is not how we should be treating each other as human beings. We should respect each other for our values, our morals, and the way we treat others. Anything else and you’re not judging on the right things.

Whether you are a virgin or not, don’t be ashamed of what your status is. That’s your life, do what you want with it! Don’t let others close-minded judgments determine how you live your life. I will be ashamed of what my virginity status is because I only I should care what it is. It’s my choice. And I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it.

Stay classy, Internet,










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