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The World's Most Amazing Face Masks For Perfect Skin

My skin is a battle I am losing 95% of the time.

After my skin completely clearing up in June for graduation, I moved home for a little over a month and the damage was even worse than before. Think: Permanent M&M-sized pimple on cheek for six weeks with babies.

Five weeks later and my skin is almost back to its former glory. Each day it gets a little better and it’s all because of face masks. Yes, I cleanse and use toner and moisturize, but we all know the real culprit for getting rid of pesky spots is face masks. I have tried high end to drugstore and I have found the masks that truly take your skin from pimple disaster to gradation day sans foundation.

Let’s review the list, shall we?

The Only Face Masks You’ll Ever Need

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

This is voted one of the best face masks for a reason. Once I break out just a little I apply this after washing my face and the next morning my skin is spot free! I love that it isn’t one of those masks you wait 5-10 minutes for, rather just wait until it dries. I will always have this in my arsenal.

Pro: Shows results the next day

Con: Can take forever to wash off

Fresh Rose Face Mask

While I usually go for face masks that improve acne/skin colouration, I love how this mask hydrates my skin for days afterward. It’s great to leave on while I’m reading or on my laptop at night, and then waking up to very supple skin. This is one of the best masks for people whose skin dries out often.

Pro: Means skipping any oily moisturizers for a day or two

Con: Has the oddest texture and feels uncomfortable once dried on skin

Skin Food Wash Off Black Sugar Mask

Image result for skinfood wash off black sugar mask

This is the best mask to exfoliate with. For days when you’ve been bathing in skin oil you can apply it dry to major exfoliation, or wet skin a bit for a more gentle grit. And I can use it either day or night. It leaves my skin feeling brand new and without any nasty blemishes.

Pro: Gets into pores for a truly clean feeling

Con: Applying it dry can be a form of Chinese torture

CAOLION Hot & Cool Pore Foam Cleansing Duo

I’m not one who follow K-Beauty but this mask is truly one of the most fantastic two-part masks I’ve ever used. It cleans everything out and the textures are so unique that it’s kind of a party when I break it out of my bathroom cabinet. If you want your pores gone, I recommend this.

Pro: With regular use pores do shrink

Con: Two-part process compared to just one mask

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Remember how I brought up that massive pimple I had on my face. No matter how intensive I was with my skin care it would not go away. One week with this bad boy? Basically gone. I apply a thin layer before bed and wake up with smooth, clear skin. It’s amazing.

Pro: Instant results and multiple ways to apply

Con: Tightens skin when dry, which can be uncomfortable when sleeping


These are $4 and have one for every skin problem. I am actually obsessed with these and recommend them to all of my friends because they seem to be the only affordable mask that really delivers what it says. I’ve tried the green, blue, and pearl varieties and each one has done as it promised. The green one does actually clear blemishes and mattify skin, and was a godsend graduationd ay.

Pro: Can wear to bed with no discomfort

Con: Oddly packaged for multiple uses


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