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There's No Place Like Home

It’s been two weeks and two days since I left everything I knew behind and moved into a new world. Two weeks and two days of making new friends, taking new classes, learning the weirdness that is communal showers, and realizing how expensive everything is.

But along with all this stuff that has been WAY too much fun, sometimes when I’m alone this weird thing takes over me. HOMESICKNESS.

I’ve never really been homesick before. All those times I went to camps or went to Europe, I think I missed my family, but I had friends with me and it wasn’t as bad. But last week, as I sat in my dorm room watching Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, this unknown feeling washed over me that could only be described as crippling homesickness.


I’m not the only person that gets homesick. Last night as a bunch of girls from my hall met in my room and ate copious amounts of junk food, we discussed how all of us have been feeling a little homesick when we aren’t surrounded by each other. It’s perfectly normal. Even though the group of us are becoming closer, there are those that we have so many memories with and we miss them. Heck, I showed some of the girls from my hall those music videos I made earlier this year and about started crying because of how much I missed my girls.

Even though I’ve only gotten really homesick a few times, I have found some really good tricks for battling it. Everyone deals with homesickness differently, I find these are really great ways for me to get on with my new life even when I feel sad.


Make Skype Schedules. On Sunday night I have the ongoing plan to Skype my parents. I miss those two so dearly but knowing that I get to see their faces on Sunday gives me something to look forward to. That way when I am sad since they are so far away, I cheer up knowing only a few more days until we can chat. Plus, my parents are hilarious on Skype so I love Sundays!

  1. Make a Homesick Video. This was an idea that I had before I left for school. Taking all the videos and pictures I had of my friends (bloopers from our music videos, graduation pictures, Facebook pictures, etc.) I made a compilation video on my computer that I can watch whenever I really miss them. It makes me laugh and feel a bit closer to them.

Have a Weekly Group Message. My friends and I, about once a week, have a conversation over group message. We just talk about something stupid that happened to them that week (on Monday it was about me fainting during Yoga class) and it’s how we reconnect like all still live in the same town.

Let It All Out. Sometimes just curling up with a blanket and a movie (I prefer to watch romantic comedies to take off the edge) and letting a few tears out is the best way to just get over your homesickness. Eat a bag of M&M’s and when the movie is over, dry your tears and go do something fun or go to sleep. Don’t dwell.

And those are the ways that I’ve found earliest for dealing with being homesick. These might work for you and they might not. In the comments say if these tips work for you or if you have better ideas.

As much as I miss my friends and family (which is a whole lot) I am making really great friends here and having a good time. Thank you to everyone who has sent me encouraging messages over the past two weeks. It’s really been helpful.

Sorry that this is a day late. Yesterday was jam-packed with girl time and I didn’t have more than a few minutes to myself. Also, some of you asked for a YouNow chat, so I will be doing one of those tomorrow night (Sunday, October 13) at 7 pm PST. It will only be about a 45-minute conversation, but I’m really looking forward to coming to see you! Make sure you click this link to become a fan and receive an email when I go online! It’ll be interesting to talk about university with you all!

Anyway, I have some ramen to make (true uni student here) and an essay to write, so I will talk to you all tomorrow, and my post next week!

You are all such beautiful readers.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. I’m thinking there’s going to be a 3rd part to my “Talking to Boys” series









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