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Things I Will Never Take for Granted…Again

This past week has been a toughie. I’ve lived through things that you wouldn’t even imagine. Just kidding 😀 But I have learned that some of the things I take for granted actually are something I should be grateful for.

One of the things I used to take for granted was hearing. Last Saturday I was cleaning my ears before I showered and apparently hit a piece of earwax or something. Whatever it was blocked my hearing and made it sound like I was listening to everything through a glass box. It was so irritating! Hearing is something we think is so natural and we don’t think of how really great it is. But when it’s taken away from you and you feel like you are stuck in a glass box, you really learn just how great it is. So please, don’t take it for granted. You never know when your hearing could be taken away. P.S. I can hear fine now. I steamed my ear and I’ve been hearing fine since then.

Another thing I used to take for granted was wifi. Yes, my internet connection. I use the internet so much (school, fun, writing, blogging, etc.) that I don’t even really think about how fortunate I am to be able to open up my Firefox and browse the world wide web. But here is the sad story that made me be grateful for it. We’re on spring break right now and my family decided to go out of town for a few days. And our hotel (which does have free wifi) was having major internet problems. So basically I couldn’t get on the internet, not even a little bit. To put this bluntly, I couldn’t access my e-mail, check my blog stats, play any games, work on homework, or chat with any of my friends. So, please do not take your internet for granted. It’s so hard when you have a life that has to be done through the internet and you can’t connect. But it has made me read a bit more and think of some super great blog posts for the future!

So, those are the things that I learned I took for granted this week. But never again will I. I am grateful for my hearing and for having access to the internet.

It’s these little things that make you realize just how blessed you really are.


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