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"This Store Gets Me"

Today I went into the city! Yes, that comes from a girl who grew up in small towns.

Well, on with my story, I went into the city today for a few hours of shopping. We started off our day with lots of those home decor/craft store places. Being a teenage girl who could care less about scrapbook stickers and lamps, it wasn’t exactly the place I wanted to be. So, you can see my absolute bewilderment when I came across the store that ‘gets’ me.

*In a very dramatic voice*

We walked into T.J. Maxx. My mother takes me to the decor section of T.J. Maxx. Yes, it was not my first visit, but I tend to stay in the ‘Clothing’ section. Back on track, we walk by all of the furniture and decor and other stuff that makes all kids think, “What happened to the toy section?!”

As we search through all of the plenty of gorgeous yet completely unnecessary items, we come across the many beautiful mugs. They had those cutesy ones with stripes that everyone has, the really exotic mugs, the popular culture mugs, and of course, the humongous ones that hold thrice your daily amount of coffee.

While on my search of all these mugs, I came across this mug.

 As an Anglophile, I love this mug! So, of course, I had to spend $3.99 and buy this mug not only to drink coffee in, but as a pen holder right now since it matches my England theme in my room.

Well, after finding this incredible mug, suddenly this store was much better. I came across a million things that I needed/wanted. Little spoons to play tea party with, a strainer for my pasta, very adorable sandals. It was so incredible that I stopped fora  second and said, in a hushed tone, “This store gets me.”

So, this is my story of today. I found a very amazing mug and found out that T.J. Maxx understands me. I hope you all had a fantastic Saturday too.


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