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Thought Thursday: Future Freak Out

Thought Thursday

You know what’s terrifying? The fact that when I’m just barely 21 years old I will be out living on my own, working a real job, and paying for myself. At 21!

Yes, the future is today’s topic for Thought Thursday.

I’ve always considered myself someone old for their age. I’ve always been ready for the future before most of my peers are. While most of my friends were terrified to leave home, I’ve mentally had my bags packed for years. While lots of my classmates try to delay graduation, I’m graduating a whole year early. And while most kids will be celebrating their 21st at a bar, I’ll probably be applying for real people jobs – after I hit the bar. I’ve always been ready for the future. But for as ready as I am, it’s still a bit of a freak out.

The future is kind of a big deal. Just last night I was chatting with my BF* (platonic boyfriend, for those of you unaware) about how much our lives are changing and how much more they will in the next few years. It’s insane to think we’re in our 20s (what?!) and life is going to change a lot. Already I have friends who are married or engaged, friends who are going to move to different countries, friends on very different academic tracks, and friends who are finding new friends and leaving others in the wind. And that’s a very normal part of friendships and life. It’s just strange to be here when I feel like I’ve barely changed since I was 17.

The future freak out is a condition I believe all 20-somethings suffer from. It is a constant state of dread that cannot be stopped and it is all consuming. Like, you’ll see a 20-something and they’ll look like they’re having so much fun at a party. But that’s just on the surface. On the inside, they’re dealing with future freak out and it’s building an ulcer into the lining of their insides.

I’m not trying to sugarcoat anything here. The future is really scary and it’s very anxiety-inducing thinking about how to shape your own future, or if you’ll even have a future. I deal with it every day. But it’s perfectly normal.

So, breathe for a minute and implant this in your brain: THE FUTURE IS SCARY BUT I AM GOING TO KICK IT’S BUM!

The thing to remember about future freak out is that it’s nothing to worry about. Millions upon billions of people have dealt with future freak out since the beginning of time and most of them have turned out perfectly fine. Just have a little faith in yourself and everything will work out.

Don’t let future freak out get the best of you.


What parts of the future do you freak out about? Are you a sufferer of future freak out?

Come back tomorrow for a little more lighthearted topic: Favourites Friday!

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