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Thought Thursday: Recovering From Emotional Trauma

Thought Thursday

We’ve been having so much fun this week with making smoothies, discussing restaurants, and learning about my double life as a love guru. So now it’s time to bring it down a notch and get serious. Let’s talk emotion.

The past few weeks I’ve gone through a lot of emotions. And by a lot I mean about 300 football fields full. And while the experience was not pleasant, to get where I am right now taught me a lot about myself. And I’m a lot stronger than I thought.

Emotional trauma can be defined a lot of ways. For the purpose of this blog post, I will be discussing emotional trauma in relation to personal relationships, stress, and other interpersonal experiences. PTSD etc. is not something I am qualified to talk about.

So let’s continue.

When certain aspects of your life are crumbling at your fingertips (be it your finances, relationships with family or friends, or school/work life) it’s really hard to see a bright spot. It gets to the point where you’re swimming in this black abyss of sadness or depression and looking up is not something you are physically or emotionally possible of doing. And that’s really unfortunate.

When it gets to that point you need an exit plan. Sitting in that dark hole is only going to make things worse (I know it did for me) so you need to get out ASAP. And I’m going to help you.


  1. Talk to someone. It sounds simple, but getting out how you’re feeling is really going to help. Whether it be a family member, a friend, a significant other, an online chat forum, etc. find somewhere where you are comfortable talking about where you emotionally feel and know you’ll be supported. It really will make all the difference.

  2. Get it all out. Now that you’ve told someone, it’s time to shake that bad out of your system. You’ve got to literally T-Swift “Shake It Off” and do something. Go for a run, find a soundproof room and scream, dance your heart out, swim some laps. Don’t lie in your bed and wallow, go get that negative energy out so it’s not stuck in your body. Plus, being active is known for helping endorphins (can you say happy chemicals?) enter the body, which will definitely improve your mood!

  3. Address your problem and your solutions. I find this is best in a list. On a piece of paper, list all your problems. Then, next to your problems, write down possible solutions. Yes, there are definitely problems that don’t have solutions you can produce, but try your best to come up with things you can do to help yourself. Give yourself that little bit of light at the top of the hole.

  4. Go along with your life. Chances are, your problems are things that you can grow from. Don’t let your problems define you and find ways to make your life better from them. Don’t have a lot of money in the bank? Use your skills to do odd jobs to get some extra cash. Best friend not talking to you? Understand where they’re coming from and focus on other friendships to prevent it from happening again. Let your problems become benefits.

Emotional trauma does not have to be something that affects you for years. Grow from it and move on in a way that makes it something you’ll look back at and roll your eyes. You are a lot stronger than you feel in the middle of emotions.

Believe me.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Everyday Enthusiasm with Favourites Friday – where we rundown my favourites of the week!

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