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Thought Thursday: Weight Hate

Thought Thursday

It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty this Thought Thursday, so we’re talking about something we try to avoid at all costs: Weight.

Why are we talking about this? Because it’s something that should be discussed. It’s time to stop sweeping it under the rug because we all struggle with it. Which is why it should be talked about, it’s important.

I have struggled with my weight since I hit puberty. I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t worry about my weight.I spent a whole year wearing a sweatshirt every day and I became known for it. Either it was being a string bean in junior high to being curvy and short in high school. Both ways I wasn’t happy, and in both situations I longed for the other situation. It’s a lose-lose situation because being happy with your size isn’t common.

We’re constantly telling ourselves to be body positive, but it’s not like telling yourself not to worry about finals. It nags at you every time you get dressed, or go out, or take a photo, or even look in the mirror. And you know it’s true. Being in your own skin feels like wanting to be in someone else’s.

But, you’re great!

We’re told that being a certain size, a certain height, a certain curviness or muscle-size is attractive. But, you’re body is attractive no matter what anyone says. You don’t need to be 5’8″ a buck thirty and a C cup to be happy. (I don’t know the male equivalent of this, speaking as a female, but I know men struggle with this too.) The body you are born into, with the proper diet and exercise, is the body you are supposed to have and love. And while self-love is hard to come by, when you get there, it’s magical.

As I’ve said, I’ve struggled with my body for 8+ years. That’s almost half of my life. And I’m probably going to worry about it for longer. But, I’m trying. Since turning 20 a few months I have lost 21 pounds. Which is really embarrassing to admit on the Internet, but I want to be a role model for people to open up about their body struggles. And talking about them is a really good first step.

I have always despised being 5’3″ and curvy everywhere. It’s a struggle that comes up every time I try on a pair of jeans or have to bring in three different sizes to the fitting room. And that’s a lot of dislike for my body. But it’s the body I have. Yes, I can lose weight and eat healthy and all of that, but if I don’t like my body now, what if I don’t like it when it’s where I want it to be? Am I going to relive my struggle of puberty again? What if when I reach my target weight I miss my curves? Or my cup size? Or how my jeans fit? Is this dislike for my body always going to be there?

I really wanted to talk about this today because it’s been on my mind a lot. Body positive is something we focus so much on right now in the media with celebrities and teen girls and teenage boys on steroids. And I just everyone to know that their body is great. Yeah, you might not like that your shirt fits a certain way, but disliking your body is a negative path that needs to stop.

We all go against “All About That Bass” because people think it’s skinny shaming. We all go against designers like Ralph Lauren for fat shaming. There is no body type that is going to keep someone from feeling like their body is being shamed. But, if we keep promoting the love of every body, maybe body shaming will stop and I can love myself for any way I look.

To everyone reading this, we’re going through the same thing. Our bodies are different, but we’re both unhappy.

Let’s stop that.


Check back tomorrow for Favourites Friday, for my weekly faves.

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