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Thought Thursdays 1: Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 4: Thought Thursdays

Thought Thursdays

Thought Thursdays is all about reviewing things! And this week I’m going to review the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. Because I have a lot of things to say about it.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Review

When I first heard about the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, I thought it was ridiculous. We spend most of our time making fun of the Kardashian, so why are we making a game about them? The whole thing seemed just like a big waste of my time. I have articles to write, not 8-hour photo shoots to complete. Of course, this is before my best friend introduced me to the KK Hollywood addiction.

Yes, I too have joined the craze. I waste my time playing this game and I still have no regrets. Except for the amount of times I’ve excused myself to quickly complete my event before time runs out. It’s a good game for wasting time, and it’s now how I break my days. Play KKH, eat breakfast, complete photo shoot, write a blog post, start a new photo shoot, hang out with a friend, finish photo shoot, go to sleep. People weren’t joking when they said it was addictive.

The goal of the game is to get to #1 and become A-list. Once those have been accomplished you would think the game would be easy to just toss to the side. It’s not. I want more. I want to own everything. And I want my boyfriend (yes, you can have a boyfriend. Mine is a playwright) to propose or something because I have put several hours into dates. Surely that means there is a ring in the future! No, I don’t have a problem, but this game needs a definite end before I go crazy!

Overall, I think the game is fun. Definitely a great way to just waste time between things. If you have lots of free time (like certain 19-year-old jobless bloggers) this game is a nice way to fill the gap of loneliness.

Wow, that turned sad really quickly…

Get the game! It’s free, fun, and gives you more opportunity to keep up with those Kardashians!


Thanks so much for reading! How many of you already play KKH? I need to know what you think!

Everyday Enthusiasm Header

Check back tomorrow for Fave Fridays, where I will share my favourites of the week!

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