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Thought Thursdays 3: Uber Cab

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 18: Thought Thursdays

Thought Thursdays

After much debate, we ended up using Uber for our trip. So many people in the public eye are using Uber, so it must be a good way to travel, right? Right.

Uber Cabs are a cheap, safer version of transportation for those who don’t want to drive or take the bus. It is used by an app, which uses your location to pick you up and drop you off at your location. And it’s by credit card, so no more worrying about having enough cash. Learn a bit more about the whole system here.

And now, without giving much more away, here is my review of Uber cabs:

Morgan Reviews Uber LA Cabs

Because every experience in a cab is different, I thought, to make this review as thorough as possible I would review each cab ride that my friends and I took. Let’s begin, shall we?

Burbank Airport to Pasadena Hotel

Okay, this was my first time requesting an Uber and I was nervous. Here I was, with four of my best friends dependent on me to get them to a hotel in a foreign city, and I felt a bit out of my element. Especially when the UberXL cab wasn’t available in my area. We decided that we would simply order one cab, fit a few in that one, and then the rest take another. So we requested a cab. Cliff, our driver, met us (after us getting ridiculously lost getting out of the airport) and immediately said, “You guys don’t have to request a second car. I’ll fit you all in and you’ll save money.” Hello, saving money! As a poor college student, that is music to my ears.

Cliff was a lovely driver. He was friendly, chatted to us about our trip, got us to our destination in record timing, and provided us with a very pleasant first Uber experience. A+ to Cliff.

Pasadena Hotel to Hollywood Boulevard

Our second Uber ride was by far my favourite. We ended up taking two cars because we split up, so it was just me and my buddy and the driver. It’s about a thirty minute drive from Pasadena to Hollywood without traffic. And considering it was around the time everyone was going to work, it was a much longer drive. Our driver spoke to us about how he likes to work mornings, how annoying drunk people are at night, and freely let us rock out in the back seat of the car. We got into the cab with radio volume at 10. We left with it at 25.

That was truly a great experience with Uber and I hope that everyone who drives with that driver gets to experience the fun that we did!

Hollywood Boulevard to Pasadena Hotel

Yeah, this is where it gets negative, but then turns positive! This driver, who shall remain nameless because I have mercy, created a stress in my life that I do not want when I am on vacation. He couldn’t meet us where we were (despite lots of parking spaces) so we were lost finding him during noontime Hollywood Boulevard craziness, he asked to use our phones because his was dying, and he took such an insane route that it cost double what it took to get there. IT WAS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

But, this is why Uber is great. After taking a ride, the app prompts you to rate your ride. Well, you know that I put a low rating and I commented on why. Within twenty minutes I had an email from Uber saying they apologized for our bad experience, and then credited us the money that we lost from the driver’s crazy route. In twenty minutes! Sure, the driver was a little horrible, but Uber’s customer service is impeccable!

Pasadena Hotel to Rose Bowl Stadium

Okay, so I have to say this was a pretty darn good ride. Falafel in hand, my buzz for seeing my fave bands going, and the LA heat getting to me, the whole ride was a blur of excitement. Our driver was nice, he got us to the drop off zone quickly and without any hassle, and he was a good conversationalist. These are all signs of a good driver. And he didn’t judge us for being Directioners at 19 years of age.

Pasadena Hotel to Burbank Airport

As with any trip, when you get to the end of it you’re pretty burnt out. I’m pretty sure our driver could tell. He made polite conversation with our friend in front, but other than that all I knew was that he kept his car perfect temp, played a good radio station, and dropped us off at the perfect location to get into the airport.

Oh, and he showed us where the Starbucks was. So he was pretty much the king of drivers when he pointed that out. He made the end of our trip nice and relaxing and I definitely thank him for that.

Overall Review

Use Uber cabs! Seriously, even if your ride is bad, their customer service has got you covered. They are nice, comfortable cars you can call with the push of a button for pretty inexpensive (Pasadena to Hollywood for under $30) and the drivers are pretty chill people. I would definitely recommend Uber, which comes in lots of cities, for anyone who wants to take a cab, but is terrified of sketchy cabs. Yes, you would be scared too if you watched enough crime television!


And that was my review! I hope this has helped you form an opinion of Uber and their services and I hope you give them a try. If you do, use the code uberenthusiasm when you sign up to get your first ride free!

Thanks for checking Thought Thursdays! Tomorrow I’ll be showing you my favourites for the week with Faves Friday!

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This has been Everyday Enthusiasm, with new blog posts every day in September, so check back tomorrow!

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