Thought Thursdays 4: Welcome to My Crib, MTV

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 25: Thought Thursday

Okay, I know this is late in the day, but I promise I have not forgotten about today’s post! I just moved into my new apartment and adjusting (plus bonding with my roommates) is a process that isn’t just going to happen overnight. That said, I spent today getting some photos of my trés chic apartment for y’all. And because it’s Thought Thursday, you all (yes, you the the amazing reader) get to review my apartment and living choices. Let’s go!

MTV, This is My Crib

This is mostly just a thing of pictures (yep, how exciting) but I’ll commentate. Yes, that does mean more of my awful awkward commentary. How exciting!

If you want to know where I got anything, just ask in the comments!

Gotta hang my robe and towels on my door. Whoo!

A wall of things! I got my interior decorator on with some funky wall decoration.

Desk! It’s all about having a good desk. One with a drawer and little bookshelves on the side. I’m really digging this desk.

The cutest bedside table ever! A little cart for everything: magazines, kleenex, a phone charging station, and just about anything else you could want within your fingertips!

My bookshelf! I’m totally in love with my bookshelf. I have a British/Nick Hornby/Richard Curtis film shelf, a Harry Potter shelf, and other beautiful little decorations. I’m completely in love with this part of my room!

Closet time! Yeah, a bit boring.

Taking an awkward selfie while getting a pic of my sink. So ignore my post-5-flights-of-stairs appearance and focus on how cute!

Duckies and cute shower curtains! (My shower curtain is really tall and I look like a child next to it)

A basic idea of my room.


Okay, now y’all review! This is the last Thought Thursday, so it’s your job to review and rate and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading Thought Thursday and for being part of Everyday Enthusiasm! Check back tomorrow for the last Fave Friday!

Stay classy, Internet,









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