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Tips and Tricks: Making a Photoshop Signature!

Hello! Like I promised yesterday, we have a super awesome surprise for today, in the form of Karina from Café Kitsch! She’ll be telling you all about how to make your very own signature for your blog on Photoshop! And with me working on my renovation right now, it’s super great! And so, on to the guest post…


Hey lovely people! I’m Karina from Café Kitsch and I’m here to share one of my favorite things to do: Text Editing with Photoshop! Just so you know, I tailored this tutorial to fit those of you who want a custom signature. But it can be used to make custom headers, footers, buttons, etc. I hope I help some of you with your Photoshop woes (trust me, I know how frustrating some of this stuff can be).


Step 1: Open a new PS document and set the size to 300 pixels x 300 pixels. The document size can be altered depending on how large or small you want your signature to be. I used 300×300 for mine and ended up cropping it down. Keep that in mind; it’s not an exact science.

Step 2: Select the TEXT tool.

Step 3: Write your chosen signature in the document using a separate layer for each letter. (Each letter should be written in a different layer so that you can easily adjust them to your liking.) With the TEXT tool selected, choose a spot on your document and click it There should be a blinking cursor. If there is, type your first letter. If not, make sure you selected the TEXT tool.

Step 3A: Continue to add letters one at a time. Deselect the TEXT tool by selecting the PATH SELECTION tool (you can also press A). Re-select the TEXT tool and click a spot next to your first letter. Type your second letter. Continue this process until you have ever letter!

Step 4: Begin changing the size of the individual letters. Re-select the TEXT tool and click on your first letter. You should see a blinking cursor. Highlight the letter and make it as big or as small as you want. I tend to have extremely varying font sizes because I like to put some of the letters inside others. But this is all open for interpretation.

Step 5: Rearrange the letters to your liking. With the TEXT tool selected, click on the letter you want to move. To move it, move the cursor to the bottom right or left of the letter. A small black arrow should appear. Use that to move your letter.

(Steps 4&5 are up for interpretation. Not all of my letters are the same size and I like for my letters to be in odd places; so, I would arrange it to fit that preference. However, you can do anything you’d like. Put one letter inside of another. Put one letter on top of another. Try stuff out! You can always move them around again if you don’t like it.)

Step 6: Make it your own! This is the time to change colors, font families (FYI if you change the font family, the size will alter a little bit), and anything else you’d like!

Step 7: Crop extra canvas space. Select the CROP tool. Cut off as much or as little as you want.

Finished product!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Enjoy your creativity, fellow Photoshop users!


Wasn’t that tutorial really fantastic? I liked it so much that I did it myself just for fun. What do you guys think?

Have a wonderful Monday!

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