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Tools to Make Journaling a Daily Habit

Getting into journaling was one of the best things I did for my mental health. But it didn't happen overnight. I was patient with my progress and for every day I didn't journal, I made a goal to make it a priority the next. How you journal is personal to you, but finding the right method makes a huge difference. And when you have the right method it's extremely easy to keep up with it. Since starting in August, it is now my mindless morning routine to roll over and do a few paragraphs of long-form journaling followed by the Five Minute Journal. To get you started, here's some physical and virtual journals to explore.

The Right Notebook

A notebook is the classic form of journaling. But as time has gone on, that has developed into anything from long-form writing to bullet journals. However you express your brain, there is a notebook out there for you. Here are the notebooks I have used and liked:

Long-form writing: Moleskine / STIL Classics / Papier

Bullet journaling: STIL Classics / Rhodia

Morning Pages

I mentioned this app a few weeks ago in a Favourites Friday, and I stick with it being such a great versatile app. You can choose your word count and can either type or dictate. While I don't use Morning Pages every day, I find it extremely soothing when something is on my mind. Hitting the word count makes me feel productive, and the paid version analyzes your words to analyze your feelings in the writing. If word vomiting is your kind of journaling and you hate using a pen, this may be the app for you.

Five Minute Journal App

Sometimes all I have the brainpower for is a quick five question journal session (especially since my new puppy just came home). You answer three questions in the morning and two at night and can make you answers as complex or simple as you want. You can even opt out of questions! If you're really new to analyzing your feelings and setting up affirmations, this is a great beginner step to build on.

STIL The Daily Journal

I bought this journal a few years back and it got me through the beginning of the pandemic when nothing was good and everything was stressful. It builds on the principal of the Five Minute Journal but adds in self-care items. Even if my highlight of my day was not crying I felt like I had accomplished something back in 2020. I have given it as a gift several times and it's an approachable journaling start that you can feel grow.

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