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Traditions Change, But Love Remains the Same

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you’ve all consumed your brunch and large quantities of chocolate and are now ready for a nice relaxing day with your family. I know I am.

Easter has always been a very special holiday in my family. We celebrate the traditional way, with church, brunch, and then a large Easter egg hunt*. Sometimes we’d get our picture taken with the Easter bunny. We’d get all dressed up, wearing our bright sundresses, white gloves, and stiff-collared shirts. Easter was fantastic as a child. Easter was this way every year, until now.

Now that me and my brother are older, our traditions are a little different. Now we wake up to a single chocolate bunny instead of an overstuffed Easter basket flowing with chocolate, jelly beans, and cream eggs. We still get dressed and go to church and eat brunch. However, after brunch, we all put on our jeans and t-shirts and spend the rest of the day just lounging. There are no more Easter egg hunts or pictures with the Easter bunny. We’re too old for that.

But as traditions change, it doesn’t mean that my family has. We still love Easter. Although I might not go into the craziness of finding eggs in bushes, I still get to spend time with my mom and dad, watching the other kids do so. Just because the time-old traditions of my childhood have ended, it doesn’t mean Easter is this awful holiday now. Like my title says, traditions change, but love remains the same.

Here are some of my favorite Easter memories:

  1. My family used to live right next to a golf course, so for Easter they would cover part of the golf course with Easter eggs and release the children to go find them. Being on the golf course made looking for eggs so much fun, especially since we usually weren’t allowed to be running on there.

  2. When I was 5, my birthday was two days after Easter, so we had my birthday party on Easter. We all dressed up in our pretty Easter dresses, sun bonnets, and had a tea party in my living room.

  3. I once attended an Easter egg hunt several years ago where they placed eggs in this large field. They had kids of all ages attend, even kids in 6th grade. They all went by age groups, and when they called the 4th-6th graders, the kids were so vicious that I was terrified to pick up any eggs.

*I like to compare Easter egg hunts to the Hunger Games. Releasing children to pick up as much candy as they can is like fighting to the death. Kids are running, fighting, taking claim over eggs. I believe if they released a film about children at an Easter egg hunt, you could make about as much money as the Hunger Games.

What are some of your traditions for Easter? Have they changed from when you were a young child? What are new traditions that you’ve gained since you’ve grown up?

P.S. Be expecting a super awesome surprise tomorrow!

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