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Travel Tuesday: Favourite Restaurants Around the World

Travel Tuesday

It’s Travel Tuesday here on Everyday Enthusiasm and that means we’re going to get all travel-y, so pack your suitcase and let’s go!

I thought the best way to celebrate the first Travel Tuesday was to talk about restaurants because what better to relate to than food? That’s why I’m going to share my favourite restaurants from places I’ve been to – a food guide of sorts. This will be the beginning of a new section of the blog where I’ll be doing food reviews from places I’ve traveled. So here’s the first installment, and feel free to add your favourites in the comments!

*Note: This page will grow as I travel more places, so keep your eye on it!

Eugene, Oregon

Sweet Life – Honestly the best pastries, pies, and chocolate I have tasted in this state. If it weren’t for my waist line, I would likely eat there 90% of the time.

Brail’s – Perfect breakfast place any day of the week – great for brunch, post-hiking fuel, or hangover fixing.

Sushi Station – I frequent this place a lot with my boyfriend for their great sushi and chill atmosphere. Plus their salmon rolls are huge!

Buellton, California

Gino’s Pizza – I grew up eating here on Friday nights and it’s still some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. And the staff is super lovely so there are definitely part of this place’s charm.

Ouray, Colorado

Mouse’s Chocolates & Coffee – I remember when this place was small and no one knew it existed. Mouse’s has the most amazing scrap cookies (yes, they are indeed cookies made up of leftover sweets scraps) and just about everything that enters my mouth is delicious. I miss it so much, I can’t wait to go back!

Portland, Oregon

Benihana – Yes, I know there are like tons of Benihanas around the globe, but I feel like since I went to the Portland one I have to mention it. This restaurant is seriously cool!

Chang’s Mongolian Grill – I love stir fry and nothing is quite as fun as getting to make your own and then watch a chef cook it! The food here was spectacular and I like that they have the option to add salmon to your stir fry.

Pho King Good – I didn’t know how much I love pho (pronounced fu) until I tried it. And it’s great! Pho King Good also has great tea, I recommend it!

Gruyere, Switzerland

Restaurant de La Croix-Blanche – Had the most amazing fondue here, and I still dream about it – and I don’t like cheese! The atmosphere was really fun and the staff provided me with a very lovely memory.


And those are some of my favourite restaurants from places I’ve been. If you want to see the full list click here.

What did you think of Travel Tuesday? Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Welcome Wednesday on Everyday Enthusiasm!

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