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Travel Tuesday: Travel Bucket List

Travel Tuesday

Who’s ready for another Travel Tuesday?

The great thing about Travel Tuesday is that we get to talk about super awesome places. And because of that, why don’t we talk about what super awesome places are on my bucket list? I’m an avid traveler (I try to average one new place a year) and discovering new places and cultures is kind of my thing. I’m so open to the world around me and getting to explore more of it is something I love.

So, who’s ready to check out some places?

Morgan’s Travel Bucket List (Airplane Not Included)


We all knew this one would be on the list. I’ve had a lifelong obsession with England and while it hasn’t been in the stars to fly over the pond, it will soon. I find British culture so fascinating and know from my excessive watching of film and reading of books that the little bit of British culture that has seeped into me I’ve loved, so it’s time I make it official and get my bum over there!


Probably one of the last cities in the US I really want to visit that I haven’t. Everyone I’ve known who has gone to Chicago has loved it, so I’m hoping to make a pit stop in the future and eat the pizza, see the shows, and experience the night life. I definitely see this trip in the future.


As I’ve made it very clear, I am Irish. And I’m the kind of person who likes finding their roots. As someone who identifies a lot with her Irish heritage, I really want to go to Ireland and see more about where I came from. Plus, it looks so gorgeous, how could I not?


Ever since I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants years ago, Greece has been on my travel bucket list. Not to mention the amazing vacation photos celebrities take there. Greece is definitely somewhere I could find myself truly relaxing, which is what we all want when we travel.


I don’t actually know why I’ve wanted to go to Finland for so long. But it’s somewhere that has fascinated and stayed on my list for as long as I can remember. But from looking at photos, it’s really no surprise, is it? Plus, you can rent a glass igloo to watch the Northern Lights. YES!


I have been to Canada before, but I was so young that I don’t even remember it. That’s why I’d love to go back and see what everyone’s talking about. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up living there like everyone always threatens to. I joke.


Brazilian culture is something I’ve always thought amazing, so it’s no wonder it’s on my list. Of course I’ll try to stay away from the slums (City of God, anyone?) but I think it would be great to see Brazil in action and maybe get a bit of a tan.


I like lobster, okay? And people wearing snazzily preppy outfits.


For part of my life I lived near Solvang, California, a Dnaish-themed town. And I think that part of my life left a significant impact on me because I love the Danish style. Maybe that’s why Denmark is on my list, I’m already in love with the culture.


What places are on your travel bucket list?

Come back tomorrow for Whatever Wednesday for Everyday Enthusiasm!

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