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Travel Tuesday: What to Bring on Your __________ Vacation

Travel Tuesday

Who has their suitcases? It’s Travel Tuesday, which means we’re going on vacation.

Everyone’s vacation is a little bit different. I mean, everyone has different ideas of what counts as a vacation. For my mom it’s about lying poolside and catching up on reading. For my dad it’s getting out into nature. For my brother it’s about playing video games. For me, I like to go somewhere I’ve never been and explore. See, vacation is different for everyone.

That’s why today’s Travel Tuesday is going to cover a variation of vacations, so no matter what you count as a holiday you’re well prepared for packing!

How to Be Prepared For Every Vacation Ever

Beach vacation

  1. Sunscreen – Radical sunburn be gone!

  2. Sunglasses – Squinting for a week is just going to give you wrinkles.

  3. Reading material – You’re going to need something to read by the beach.

  4. Swimsuit – What’s the fun of going to the beach if you’re not going to go in at least once?

Camping vacation

  1. Tent – That part was obvious.

  2. Clothes for all weather – Including, but not exclusively to, long sleeve shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, short sleeve shirts, shorts, and walking shoes.

  3. Cooking materials – Do not go camping and think you’re going to eat fire roasted hot dogs. Bring dried food and food equipment to have variation.

  4. Sleeping bag – Sleeping under the stars is only enjoyable when it’s in the comfort of a sleeping bag.

At home vacation

  1. Entertainment – Doesn’t matter what it is, have lots of things that keep you occupied. Staying at home is only fun when you’re not bored.

  2. Food – It is only okay to buy Twinkies in this situation.

  3. Music – Have a Risky Business moment during your stay-at-home vacation by cranking up the tunes.

  4. Friends on speed dial – You know what would make your vacation that much better? Friends!

Foreign travel vacation

  1. Guidebook – Having a tiny book tell you the best places to go is the best way to get the most of the experience.

  2. Currency – Money is kind of important, no?

  3. Non-touristy outfits – There are a lot of places where being spotted as a tourist makes you an instant victim. Read up before on how to not look like a tourist to make your vacation that much better.

  4. Adaption plugs – The entire world uses different electrical outlets. Make sure to pick up an adapter before you leave the country or have your hair dryer die on you day 1.

Essentials for any vacation


What kind of vacation is your favourite?

Check back tomorrow for Whatever Wednesday, where anything can happen!

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