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Tricks that Revolutionized My Makeup Routine

I've been wearing makeup for the better part of a decade and it still confuses me. Why doesn't that foundation sit on my skin like it does so-and-so's? How has this melted off in an hour? Will I ever perfectly blend eyeshadow? All of these questions probably led me to stop wearing makeup daily, but it didn't help me when I want to dress it up a little for events. With a full social schedule this year, I put the time and effort into looking up beauty tips so my makeup could be stunning (and not melting off my face!) no matter what I was doing. And they really work! Here are all the tips that work for my oily, acne-scarred skin that I'm so thankful I found.

Use a sponge for every step

I saw this trick on TikTok from Taylor Efford and it totally changed how I did my makeup. Start off by thoroughly wetting a beauty sponge and squeeze out the excess water. Then go about applying your foundation, concealer, cream products, etc. Then use that same damp sponge to apply your powder. I swear it makes my skin look flawless and the look stays put all night. Plus I'm using way less brushes so the mess is less.

Apply concealer, wait, then blend

No clue if this was from TikTok or Instagram (I'm notorious for forgetting to save videos) and despite me having ongoing concealer issues, this has fixed them the most. Apply your concealer as normal, wait 2-3 minutes, and then blend with a damp beauty sponge. The concealer has better coverage and looks very natural. It also stays way longer. Even my dry eyes have no issues for a few hours.

Warm up eyes and brows products

I've done this since college and I still swear by it. While doing the rest of your makeup, put eyes and brows products like mascara, eye liner, brow pomade, etc. in your pocket or somewhere equally warm. When you're ready to use them the ingredients will be easier to apply. I love this most for mascara, you get no clumps!

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