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TV Shows I Will Always Rewatch

As the number of TV shows that grace the hundreds of channels grows each year (has anyone checked out the fall lineup this year, it’s great!) I find that I cannot watch every single show, especially when there are plenty of shows that I need to watch again.

Whenever I rewatch a show I find those little things that I didn’t notice when I was trying to keep up with plot and characters. And when I find those little things I find myself becoming more obsessed with the show than I was originally.

Below are the five TV shows that I will always rewatch.

The 5 Best Rewatchable Shows

30 Rock

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If you’ve spent more than five minutes with me I’ve likely referenced 30 Rock at least a few times. The comical genius that is Tina Fey honestly outdid herself with this show, and I say that with having seen her other shows.

Nearly 10 years since the show first aired, whenever I have hours of work to do I watch episode after episode of this ridiculously silly, genius show. I will always love Jack and have been known to quote Liz Lemon in some of the most inappropriate situations.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


There’s something about combining comedy and cop shows that makes me want to stare at Jake Peralta’s face every day. Of course, my favourite character is Terry (who wouldn’t love Terry Crews being the biggest sweetheart with his children?) and I think my dog is even into watching the 99th precinct of Brooklyn get up to newer and crazier shenanigans.

And the new season starts soon!

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one of my absolute favourite shows on the planet. I can quote every episode and probably know more about Lorelai and Rory than they do. The revival is coming up and is making me so excited because I can finally have an excuse to rewatch all seven seasons without any judgment.

One of the best reasons to rewatch Gilmore Girls is that after seven seasons you forget the jokes from earlier seasons, so every rewatch feels new!

Ugly Betty

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I love fashion and I love quirk, which is all this show is about. When it was first on air I held onto every episode like crazy. And the I rewatched it on Netflix, super excited. And then I got Hulu and realized I could watch all four seasons again! Whenever this show is available I will rewatch it because the jokes are always fresh, the characters are timeless, and as a journalism student I see a lot of my ambition in Betty.

Plus, watching the evolution of Betty’s look is shocking!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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In order to fall asleep I have to watch at least one episode of SVU. And this habit has gone on long enough that I have gone through all 17 seasons at least twice. I also watch it when I’m writing essays because it is pretty easy background noise. And I’ve turned lots of people onto it.

I will never not love SVU because it is all I love in shows 1) cop show 2) dramatic 3) Mariska Hartigay


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