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Tweeting for Twitters

As those who regularly read this blog, you know that I caved this year and opened a Twitter account for Teenage Enthusiasm. It’s been a topic of controversy inside my brain for a while now, and still is.

My biggest problem with Twitter is that it is a complaining playground for teenage kids. I like the idea of Twitter for publicizing, for getting your name out into the world and letting people be up-to-date with what’s going on with your company/acting/blog. That’s why I use Twitter. I’m not sitting around talking about my boy problems or anything. So yeah, it’s been a huge debate going on in my head since September of last year.

It started late last year when I got messages from people asking if I was on Twitter. I already publicize on my Facebook page and do e-mail subscriptions, so I thought that was enough to get my name out. But, reading these messages I realized that lots of people would get updates on blog posts just by checking their Twitter feed, something convenient to them. And that’s when the battle started waging.

“Have an account! Your fan base could grow so much bigger! You can retweet the hilarious things celebrities say! People can see the cute Instagram pictures you take of things in the mall! Maybe someone will retweet you!”


“Don’t join the ranks of all the other whiny teenagers complaining about not having friends and getting AIDs! Your publicity is fine the way it is! Be unique! Your Instagram pictures are already on Tumblr! Be the 1% of people not on Twitter!”

This war raged on in my head and finally I made a decision. I would join Twitter but I would not complain. That is my rule. I’m tweeting so that people will go ‘twittering’ about me.

So far, Twitter has been pretty nice to me. I have a few followers, of who have been great and obviously have been reading Teenage Enthusiasm pretty closely to see the URL, and I’ve been retweeting some great cinephile quotes I’ve found. I feel confident about the choice that I made, and hopefully everyone can help make this experience enjoyable.

In conclusion, that is my reasons for joining Twitter. Not to be one of the millions of teenagers who want to be included in the social media frenzy, but rather to spread my love of films, books, and teenage lifestyle into the news feeds of daily life.

Hope to catch you on the ‘tweet’ side,

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