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Two Weeks of Shows to Survive Lockdown

With rising coronavirus numbers and lockdowns happening across the United States, most of us are settling into having fairly laidback November social plans. And if you don't have a state-mandated lockdown, might I suggest hanging at home for a few weeks until numbers are down? Staying home isn't too bad when you have lots of blankets, hot cocoa, and a great lineup of television to keep you occupied! I've compiled everything I've binged, loved, and recommended the past few months. Stay home folks!

Alex Rider

Starting off with my current binge, was anyone else a super fan of Anthony Horowitz's series? The books follow Alex Rider, a teenage schoolboy enlisted by MI6 for dangerous missions around the world (Switzerland, Cuba, and space to name a few) as he learns more about his family's spy past.

The show portrays the second book of the series, Point Blanc. To make up for the first book, there is some creative liberty taken with the plotline, but it's overall very true to the series. Otto Farrant makes a fantastic Alex Rider. All of the makings of a great spy story are there, and even though I've been reading the books since I was in grade school, the plot twists are surprising and engaging. If you also love spy novels, dark storytelling, and spectacular set design, you have your new show.

A Teacher

Student-teacher relationships give me the heebie jeebies, and this show has me constantly screaming at my TV. But I keep around because Kate Mara and Nick Robinson are standouts as these characters. If you can get over the morality that will tear out your show and focus on the acting, A Teacher does an amazing job of portraying a very sensitive subject.

Killing Eve

My list of favourite shows constantly shifts, but Killing Eve is permanently cemented. It's hard not to be drawn to the intoxicating back-and-forth of British intelligence Eve and assassin Villanelle. Another great series based on a book series (that I could not put down) Jodie Comer absolutely kills this role. The fashion is on point, the sociopathic deadpan is shocking, and every murder is horrifying and fascinating at the same time. Every season I am glued to my seat. A must watch for thriller fans!


Switching to lighter television, Superstore is one of Fox's current superstar shows. Starring America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, and an incredible cast of hilarious actors, it's hard to be disappointed with the comical storylines about working in a big box store. This show has gotten me through rough days. If you need a laugh, Superstore is at the top of my list.

Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek is now a cult phenomenon that we all need to jump on. I finished the sixth and last season this summer and cried. Because under all of the hilarious storylines, ridiculous behavior, and glorious wardrobe, I became very attached to each character. And watching them say wrap up their story was emotional. There is so much heart in the show and if you can get past the less-than-great first season, you'll see why.

The Duchess

Katherine Ryan, you made a masterpiece! This show is funny and honest. And I want to shake the hands of the wardrobe and set design staff. Behind the quippy humour is a story about a mother's love for her daughter while she tries to live her own life, and it's beautiful. Plus I think we can all relate to dating a guy who we all wish we could erase from our history, but he keeps coming back!


I wrote about Letterkenny recently and need to add it to this list. Jared Keeso created something that I am recommending to everyone who can handle adult humour. The clever, fast-paced wordplay itself is worth the watch, and the characters are priceless. I send clips of the show to friends all of the time because they resonate so well. Put the kids to bed and turn on an episode, you will laugh your bum off.

The Bodyguard

It took me a while to get through The Bodyguard. It's very dramatic and covers some strong subjects, like bombings. Richard Madden shines in this role, as a veteran with PTSD who goes into private security for a public official. The last two episodes had me on the edge of my seat, unsure of where it could go. My heart was racing! Strong acting sells the story, and I will probably never be able to go on a train or enter a government building ever again.

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