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Use Your Words, Not Your WiFi


Today’s post is going to be a little shorter, but that’s because I feel the message doesn’t need to be a long one. Stop cyber bullying.

As the age of social media progresses, cyber bullying is becoming more of a problem. People on the Internet are not always there for your best interests, which is unfortunate, and sometimes they like to make it very obvious to you. Thus, cyber bullying.

I, like countless other people on the web, have been cyber bullied. And it hurts. Being personally targeted on the Internet (where countless others can see) hurts on a level almost more painful than just being bullied in person.

And that’s why I’m proposing ending cyber bullying. Forever. If you or someone you know is being cyber bullied, put an end to it as soon as you can. Call the person out. Report it to an adult or administrator. Whatever it is, put an end as soon as you can, because we have lost too many lives due to cyber bullying.

Each and every one of you is a great individual. Don’t let some person hiding behind a screen tell you any different. You deserve to enjoy your time online talking about eating cereal and talking about your awesome night out with your girls.

Don’t be bullied. Don’t let others be bullied. Stop cyber bullying.

Stay classy Internet,






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