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Want to Do Something Special For Your Valentine?

*Note: Sorry about the delay for this post. I seem to have contracted the Black Plague (just kidding) and was inexcusably lazy about blogging. Please forgive me (:

It’s almost the most romantic day of the year and you still don’t have anything special planned for your special someone. Your time is ticking, with only 3 more days. But luckily Morgan is here to help you find activities that will make your Valentine’s Day extra special, without completely breaking your back or breaking the bank.

1. Smaller is Sweeter

At my school we sell cupcakes to fundraise for my upcoming French trip. People love to buy these small, inexpensive treats for their loved one, just to show them how they were thinking of them. You can also buy them at Safeway where they have amazing gourmet cupcakes for a pretty low price. Even make them yourself! PRICE: $.50 – $5 SWEETHEART POINTS: 15

2. Floating in Love Balloons

Everyone loves getting balloons for any occasion. Treat your special someone to a special balloon bouquet from any drugstore. Choose red, pink, and white and you can add in a balloon with writing on it, with sayings such as “Be Mine” and “I Love You”. This adorable idea will charm the socks off your sweetie. PRICE: $10 – $12 SWEETHEART POINTS: 50

3. J’adore Outdoors

Be like the old-fashioned movies and have a great outdoors picnic. You just need a blanket, your mother’s leftover potato salad, some sandwiches, and a bottle of lemonade and you’re set for a dinner of romantic proportions! Even add in some dessert or their favorite food for bonus points. They will love you for the obvious thought that went into it and for the sunset! PRICE: Free SWEETHEART POINTS: 90

4. Don’t Play Me For a Love Fool

Music makes the heart grow fonder, so find some music! Whether it be a concert in town, or even a small local band playing at the local coffee shop, go listen to some music and bond over the riffs and guitar solos. You’ll connect with the similar love of music and will have a great memory for years to come! PRICE: $20 – $60 SWEETHEART POINTS: 140

5. Table for Two

Although this is the most cliché, a romantic dinner is always the easiest, and usually gets the best result. Find a restaurant with good food, good atmosphere, and your love’s favorite dish, and you’re good. It doesn’t have to be pricey (although that is usually people’s first instinct) but a place that you know that you both can have a nice, romantic time. Afterward you can get dessert at your favorite ice cream place and walk by the park for the sunset. How romantic! PRICE: $40 – $100 SWEETHEART POINTS: 250

What do you like to do for Valentine’s Day? What is your most romantic one to date?

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