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Ways to Stay Organized

I recently read Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess’s article on how she stays organized and I thought I’d show you my methods too.

1. A Day Planner. I bought a planner right before this school year started and it has saved my life. I put my daily goals, my homework, post ideas, upcoming tests, and other important dates in the pages. I also color-coordinate so I can quickly get to what I want.

2. Pinterest. I love Pinterest because it takes the whole internet and tucks it into neat, little boards. Pinterest helps me divide my world up in board that I can look at while I’m shopping to remind me what I would like to buy. I can also make boards that I can look at while I’m decorating my room. And, best of all, I can make a board full of inspirational pictures to motivate a blog post! If you would like to see my Pinterest profile, click here.

3. My Phone. I always have stuff on my phone. From alarms to remind me of a meeting to a note about a new article I’d like to write, my phone is the basis of everything so I stay on top. Some apps that I find particularly helpful in being organized are: iStudiez, Schedule Planner, and Menu Planner.

4. Feedly. Possibly the best thing on the internet, Feedly is an RSS reader. I follow blogs, tweets, YouTube channels, you name it. And when I particularly like something, I can save it and go back to it later. It’s really great for articles that inspire my posts and YouTube videos I don’t have time to watch.

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