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Welcome Wednesdays 1: wickedadorable

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 3: Welcome Wednesdays


Hiya Enthusiasts! Today I am welcoming my dear friend Angela from wickedadorable to Everyday Enthusiasm! Angela is one of my best friends from school (and my Anglophile twin) and I’m so excited to be sharing her writing today! I hope you’ll love Angela as much as I do because she’s kind of awesome. So let’s welcome Angela!

Angela Maya is a second year student at the U of O, geeks out over shows like Doctor Who and Supernatural, and is a devoted Anglophile. She enjoys singing, trying out new recipes, all kinds of tea, and reading more than is likely healthy. She would also like to thank Morgan for this guest opportunity, as she is returning to her blog wickedadorable after a prolonged hiatus!

Elegant silver gemstone jewelry…bright gold rings…glamorous diamond earrings…quietly ticking watches…when I close my eyes, I can see all of these shiny things. I can tell you the birthstones for every month of the year (for instance, September is sapphire), I know the benefits of many watch types, and I will (if unchecked) analyze the parts of your rings and tell you if it needs work.

You probably figured it out – I worked in a jewelry store this summer!

In the store, we had lots of traffic with people looking for gifts, as well as folks bringing in repair work. All of that translated to being on the go, pretty much nonstop: usually, my coworkers and I were trying to juggle five or more things at once. Such situations could result in stressed-out people because there wasn’t enough time in the day to complete everything that needed to be done. So, inspired by Morgan’s blog description of enthusiasm, I’d like to tell you about one of the little things that kept me sane – jazz music!

When I was younger, I thought jazz was boring and for old “fuddie-duddies” that didn’t like modern music. However, during high school I gained a real appreciation for it because of the different types to which I was introduced, such as vocal jazz and Big Band orchestrations. I even was able to take a class on jazz history during my freshman year of college! The latter made me fall in love with the music of artists like Miles Davis, Art Blakey, and Ella Fitzgerald.

As a result, I was extremely pleased to find out that my jewelry store played Pandora Radio jazz – All day – Every day. Logically, I knew this was sensible – it reinforced the store’s underlying aura of respectability. It also gave me something to which I looked forward: who would I hear today? Naturally, I heard songs I didn’t know, but I always got to hear at least some of my favorites! I’ll list some of them below.

“Moanin’” by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers would always catch me dancing in the break room and humming along to the catchy theme. “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra had me singing under my breath and making up harmonies. “A String of Pearls” as performed by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra made me tap my feet and try to practice swing dancing moves.

During a hectic day, hearing these songs could turn my mood around! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you were curious about gemstones, this site has some really interesting information!


Thanks so much to Angela for coming to “The Enthusiast” and sharing her loves. Knowing Angela, I always go to her for any jewelry talk and jazz chatting.

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Make sure to check back tomorrow for Thought Thursdays!

Stay classy, Internet,










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