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Welcome Wednesdays 3: KatySuzie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 17: Welcome Wednesdays


 Hiya Enthusiasts! Today I am literally jumping in my seat in excitement to share today’s Welcome Wednesday! I talked a lot about her in this post, but I finally get to share the amazement that is my best friend from the blog KatySuzie! This is Katy’s first time guest blogging and I’m blown away with how great I find her post. She definitely nails the horse on the head about her topic and I’m so proud to be showing her off to all of you! Hopefully you all fall in love with her as much as I am. And with that, I’ll let you do the do with Katy and her post about vacationers!

Hello everyone, I’m Katy! It’s such an honor to be a guest blogger for my good friend Morgan and I am super excited! I write on a blog called KatySuzie (of course that is when I remember to write up my thoughts and ideas) and am currently enrolled in a program to become an elementary school teacher through Eastern Oregon University. My hobbies and interests encompass so much and I am so fascinated by this world that we live in that the things I’m not interested in would be a much shorter list, but, for some background I’ll name a few. I love camping and being outdoors, cooking, and oddly enough working.

Ever since Morgan asked me to be a guest blogger, I have spent so much time thinking about what I would tell you all, I mean, seriously, there’s one THOUSAND of you. What would I like to tell one thousand people and then it hit me! The second week of September is a big one in our town. It’s a week where our “small” town grows to anywhere between 80 and 100,000. During this week I was at work just like previous years and there is always one thing I want to tell people.

For an entire week I serve pizza to drunk people who want to hit on me or yell at me. I drive through streets at five miles per hour because there are people running across the street between cars. I have to leave 30 minutes before any scheduled time to make it where I need to be so that I am not late. My family stocks up on groceries and supplies to avoid three hour long trips to the store (this is not a joke, we needed milk, cereal, bread, and paper towels and it took three hours) Does any of this sound familiar? Chances are that you too have experienced this in some form or another because most places have some type of tourism, festivals and jamborees, celebrations or activities that draw a crowd, or maybe you just live in an interesting place to visit, by a lake or along a coastline. In any situation you probably know how I feel. It wasn’t until I noticed that people act differently when on vacation than they do when others vacation in their hometown (my family has taken two vacations my entire 19 years and 10 months of existence, so my vacation experience is basically zero).

The problem is that when we are away from home we forget that there are people who still have to go to work even though we don’t. In our quest to have a fun time we forget to respect the people who didn’t get to take time off. Having recently been on vacation and been in a place where others vacationed I’ve really gotten to see both sides and while my family always does our best to mind our manners sometimes even I have not been the nicest visitor. No I didn’t yell at anyone, but, I also could have been more courteous in some situations. Now, does that sound familiar? I can’t be the only one who could have used an attitude adjustment.

So while I was cranky about traffic and drunks I had to remind myself that I’ve been part of the traffic. I’ve been in a car for hours to get out of town and relax and have a good time which is the same as the position of the people I’m upset with. Truth be told, I was still upset with all these people, even though I had accepted that I was once part of the craziness that is tourism, I also had to deal with people who wouldn’t even treat me as a human, people who could care less if I disappeared.

This is why I chose to write this for you all. I can tell my friends how frustrated I am that people come in, defile our town, treat us like garbage and leave but, where does that get me? My friends are already know what this week is like, we live here and I know that they are respectful (and I hope you are too), but, maybe someone didn’t consider this before and now they are. That’s what I want, for someone to realize that maybe they’ve been rude and discourteous to the citizens of the community where they visited. The way we treat others when we are in their hometown should be the way we would want them to treat us if they came to our hometown. Elementary school had something when they said to treat others as you want to be treated, maybe it’s time we actually take that into consideration.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you have a great rest of your day and continue to check in because Morgan is posting every day this month! You won’t be disappointed she is an amazing writer and always has something interesting to share.




And that was Katy! Just a big shoutout to her for being my guest blogger this week, you’re kind of the best. And I’m going to see you in about 2 hours, so I’ll give you in-person props in a few! Check out Katy’s Twitter at @KatySuzie and send her some love.

Thank you for reading! Please leave your feedback and let me know what you think of this week’s Welcome Wednesday!

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This has been Welcome Wednesday! Check back tomorrow for Thought Thursday for a review as part of Everyday Enthusiasm.

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