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What Happened When I Did Barre3 Every Day For a Month

When I discovered barre in 2018, I never thought it would become the only workout I've ever followed through with. But here I am, with my barre3 membership and slightly developed core muscles after doing sporadic classes every month. And so I wondered, what would happen if I did barre every day for the entire month of July?

I took on the challenge and gave myself two rules: 1) I MUST do it every day, no exceptions and 2) It doesn't matter how long the workout is, but you must give 100% to it. Some days it was easy and I was working my flow, and some days I was counting the seconds until it was over. I fell in love with the 10-minute videos and would do 1-3 of those a day, as I find them just a little easier on me than a full 30-minute workout. With workouts ranging from restorative to cardio to strength, I pushed myself to try new postures. Like my girl Christa Joy says, "It's okay if you fall over and need a break. Just make sure you press play again." Love her.

Below I've shared the three lessons I gained from pushing myself into my practice every day of July, and how it encouraged me to keep up with 5-7 days of barre a week because the gains are too good to lose!

Benefits of Doing Daily Barre

Sitting Straight With No Pain

Due to lower back pain, sitting up straight has always been a struggle for me. After a few seconds it's back to hunching, which is terrible for your spine. After a week of regular practice, I noticed that sitting up straight was no longer a burden during my practice, and after a month I could do it with no problem. Sitting up straight involves using your core muscles, and a daily practice will help with that.

Flexibility In My Daily Life

Growing up as a dancer, I've always been fairly flexible, but by no means a gymnast. And the older I got, the lazier I got, and in my mid-20s I am lucky if I can sometimes touch my toes. While I have a long way to go - and look forward to furthering my practice - I am much more flexible than I was a month ago. I can forward flow easier and my lunges don't look like a joke. I figured I would only notice it in my practice, but when I was able to drop a squat to reach the back of my dishwasher with ease - barre definitely made a difference.

Less Stress Throughout My Day

If we're friends, you know I'm a Type A stress case 24/7. It's something I'm working on, but you can't fix decades of anxiety overnight. I found on mornings where I incorporated 10-30 minutes of barre, I was less stressed throughout my day. Having that burst of energy early left me calmer and feeling more put together. Having my workout done - and getting that good sweat in - really made a difference and left me too tired to worry about the small things.

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