What I Am Thankful for In A Pandemic

2020 is a hard year to find the positives. Especially when we're spending Thanksgiving not surrounded by all of our relatives and friends. But at The Enthusiast, we do not let negativity get us down! As we enter a holiday season that doesn't feel as jolly as usual, I challenged myself to find some positives. It's a good vibe check, and the blessings I got out of this year are more than enough to keep me trucking along to 2021.

My Health

First and foremost, I am so thankful to be healthy. Not everyone is as fortunate. I currently have family members fighting this horrible virus, and every day I am saying prayers for their speedy recovery. Health is something easy to take for granted, but right now it's one of the biggest fortunes we can be dealt. My health is a blessing, and if we all mask up and continue to follow the CDC's health guidelines, hopefully by next year we can take it for granted once again.

A Network of Fantastic People

People are the foundation of everything, and in a year where I am not able to see everyone in person, having meaningful relationships through technology is something to be thankful for. This year has been hard for us all, and if it weren't for the people who have called me in the tough times, laughed with me during the most stressful times, and offered words of encouragement in the hopeless times, I don't know where I would be.

My family is absolutely amazing, and it's been a blessing to spend as much time with them as I did this year because of the pandemic. Quarantining with them seems like such a small thing, but made all the difference to my mental health. Now that I'm back in Portland, I will always look back at those weeks cooped in the house with the family dog fondly, because I know nothing like that will ever happen again.


Yes - I am employed once again! After six rough months of interviewing, rejection, and hoping someone would take a chance on me, I did it! Many others (millions of others) are still struggling to find work again, and my thoughts are with you during this draining time. I am very thankful for everyone who looked at my resume and practiced interview questions with me, it was immensely helpful. And a huge thanks to all the companies that met with me. Even when the answer was no, I met incredible people who helped me on the career path I'm now on. A small win for 2020.

Becoming a Leader

One of the strangest trade-offs the pandemic provided was taking away my job, but then making me a committee chair in my Junior League chapter. I had never been in a serious leadership position before, and it forced me to find the leader within to help 40+ committee members have a successful year. Blood, sweat, and tears went into the whole process - which isn't even done - and I have emerged more confident and compassionate. I brought up this Junior League position in a lot of job interviews as a means of personal growth. Junior League is an investment in myself, and I am so thankful to be selected as a chair this year to discover who I want to be. The entire experience has been extremely rewarding, and as I look at Junior League future, it's been helpful for showing me where I can go.


As we sit around our Thanksgiving tables (which are probably looking a little smaller) take a moment to catalog what you are thankful for. What are you thankful for in a pandemic?