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What I Learned From Girl Scouts

From first to third grade I was a Girl Scout. Quite a huge achievement for any elementary-age child and I was no different.

All of my best friends were in Girl Scouts. Me, Caroline, Emma, Sierra, Sarah, and Hanna. It was ridiculous how much fun we had with our little meetings after school and the foreign culture days and just about everything else we did together. And through it all, I did learn some pretty valuable life lessons. And I’m going to share them with you.

YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM Even though we were just starting elementary school, we had our own issues. A certain boy wouldn’t chase us around the playground, someone else wore the same t-shirt, etc. And at the end of the day, we’d all sit together getting ready for Girl Scouts and hash out our problems, becoming not just closer as fellow Scouters, but as best friends.

SELLING MORE COOKIES DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A BETTER SALESPERSON Selling cookies was like a job. If you sold lots of cookies, you were a high paying lawyer. If you sold very little cookies, you were the clerk at a gas station. My problem was that there was another Girl Scout (not from my troop though) who was also selling cookies, and she sold like fire. So when I went around with my little red wagon and order form, all dolled up and nervous as heck because I’m shy, I got turned down almost every where because, “I already bought 4 boxes of Thin Mints from someone else. Have a good day!”

FOREIGN CULTURE DAYS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE As I look back on it, Foreign Culture Day was the best. For a few weeks prior, you picked a country, picked a food, and picked something cool about that country to perform. I only remember one country we did and it was India. We spent three weeks learning how to Flamenco dance and Emma’s mom made us these beautiful skirts to perform in. At the actual FCD, we saw Irish dancing, had lots of delicious food, and met other girls in Girl Scouts. It helped me appreciate different cultures and I’m heading to Europe this summer and I’m excited to actually experience some of the things I experienced at FCD. I also learned that 90% of my friends loved the Backstreet Boys.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS COME FROM THE HEART, NOT YOUR BADGE Even though you earned a badge for selling 25 boxes of cookies and being a good friend and learning the daily song, the true accomplishments were not something they sewed on a badge. A true accomplishment was making a best friend, learning to be more outgoing, and learning life’s lesson. And that’s what really matters now.

A NIGHT IN CAN MAKE A FRIENDSHIP One night we all went over to Sierra’s house to watch The Santa Clause 2. I was nervous, what with the unfamiliar surroundings and not being extremely close with half of them, but popcorn, a good movie, and girls who were all feeling a bit nervous made it a hit. We ended up laughing and making little inside jokes and being really good friends. Moving away from all of them was extremely hard after how close we became.

And that’s the most important  lessons I learned from Girl Scouts. They helped me become the independent person I am today and I hope that for all of you with young daughters will consider letting them join Girl Scouts to learn these helpful lessons in life.

Happy Humpday!

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